First Joint High Quality Koi Auction between Vincent (Shenzhen) Koi Centre and Momotaro Koi Farm
  • KepongKoiKepongKoi January 2013
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    Attention all koi lovers,

    Vincent (Shenzhen) Koi Centre will be holding a joint koi auction with the Momotaro Koi Farm from Japan on the 26th of January 2013. Interested koi lovers can contact Mr. Vincent Wong to place their bids on the kois. The starting prices for the auction are listed as below:-
    - Momotaro High Quality Jumbo Tosai - RMB3,000/koi (Total of 23 kois available)
    - Momotaro Nisai Female Koi - RMB5,000/koi (Total of 12 kois available)
    - Momotaro Nisai Male Koi - RMB5,000/koi (Total of 17 kois available)
    - Momotaro Jumbo Koi - RMB10,000/koi (Total of 20 kois available)
    - Momotaro Tosai Karashi Koi -RMB1,000/koi

    The photos and sizes of the kois are as follow:-
    1. Momotaro High Quality Jumbo Tosai (3).jpg (4).jpg

    2. Momotaro Nisai Female Koi (6).jpg (5).jpg

    3. Momotaro Nisai Male Koi (7).jpg (8).jpg

    4. Momotaro Jumbo Koi and Momotaro Tosai Karashi Koi (9).jpg (10).jpg

    Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Vincent Wong at +6012-3225111 for placing bids or e-mail us at if there is any enquiries.

  • niveknivek January 2013
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    Wow! (Y)
  • choochoo January 2013
    Posts: 5
    hei vincent. happy new year .do u have male mako kohaku around 60 cm for sale.pleasa email photo. thanks

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