Few questions about dropsy.
  • smokersmoker December 2012
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    Bros and Sis,

    I was just back from family vacation few days ago, and got informed from a koikichi fellow here, that he assumed his chagoi might get dropsy.
    His chagoi had been sitting at the bottom of the pond for around a month, and never get up to eat, yet the chagoi doesn't get thinner. He has lifted and quarantined the chagoi for around 2 weeks now, but in fgt, the chagoi still just sit and doesn't move.

    I haven't seen the koi yet, but as informed, there is no symptoms of ulcer, pineconing scales, popeyes, or so in the body (yet). The tummy doesn't bloat, but it's not getting thinner. He said that he has tried the treatment with blagdon anti ulcer, yet the condition is not getting any better.

    I am no good in medication and injection, that i need opinions about few questions.
    1. Is that dropsy ?
    2. If so, what is the best medication/antibiotic ?
    3. I heard that ciprobay for injection is good, what is the dosage and frequency for treatment?

    I have previously asked him to put salt with 0.3% and raised slowly in 2 days to 0.6% to assist the osmosis process. Then put antibiotic. Need your opinion.
  • mrkoimrkoi December 2012
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    Dear Bro Smoker,

    Usually dropsy will make the fish belly swollen and follow by a pinecone. Another possibility is maybe the chagoi having a swim bladder problem, an egg impaction or an internal infection. U can try QT the chagoi with Elbagin + salt. And inject with Ciprobay.

    Try to check the chagoi belly in case got internal tumor or an egg impaction.

    How big is the chagoi anyway ?

    Happy New Year.
  • smokersmoker December 2012
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    Thanks Bro Mrkoi,
    Probably due to swim bladder problem too. I don't know whether we may find ciprobay here. What is the dosage for ciprobay and the injection frequency.

    I have yet to see the chagoi condition, but i was informed the belly is in normal shape.
    I have visited his pond couple times, if i'm not mistaken the chagoi is about 70cm.

    Happy New Year too Bro, wish you all well :)

  • mrkoimrkoi January 2013
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    For Ciprobay 100, I think the dosage is between 4cc-5cc, depends on how bulk is the chagoi body. You can jab everyday for 3 consecutive day or 3x dosage of every alt day (depends on how the fish reponse).

    Good luck bro.
  • harry_luhurharry_luhur January 2013
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    Sinking disease bro Wahyu,
    I will send the medication for you, i manage to treat a few koi with sinking problem.
    It can be because internal problem or swim bladder problem.

    Harry Luhur
  • DanleeDanlee January 2013
    Posts: 694
    Bro Harry,

    Appreciate if you can share the medication you used to treat sinking problem. Thanks.
  • smokersmoker January 2013
    Posts: 715
    Thanks for the info Bro Mrkoi.

    Bro Harry, yes it's probably sinking desease.

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