What medication can be used as a Topical application.
  • ShukriShukri December 2012
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    Hope this topic will be beneficial to everyone.......

    1) PP
    2) Gentian Violet
    3) Pavodine Iodine
    4) Salt
    5) Garlic
    6) The spray can from Thailand
    7) Malachite Green
    8) Yellow Powder
    9) Propolis
    10) Methylene Blue
    11) OTC
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  • tomctomc December 2012
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    You might like to add "do nothing" as in my experience most hobbyists cause more problems by treating than leaving and observing.

    But in terms of treatments:
    2) Gentian violet is very effectives on fins and face
    3) Iodine is typically effective on injuries in the scale - but wipe away any spillage - keep totally local

    Aggressive treatments (PP, high % salt, malachite) are possibly too invasive.

    Best never to seal the wound in my view.

    However, if your water is poor or your bacterial count is high then all the above is an irrelevance.

    best, Tom
  • lautslauts December 2012
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    Agree with bro Tom, " do nothing" is an option. Kois have remarkable healing capabilities.
    An easy to get and good topical is Hydrogen Perokside, just to disinfect injured areas.

  • AnuarAnuar December 2012
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    Agree with Bro Tom that PP might be too strong, especially on open ulcer.

  • nocturnalnocturnal December 2012
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    for a persistant fungi problem that can't be cleared by repeated dousing the pond, topical application of Malachite Green, Methylene Blue or PP is the few way to go so far but of course with all medication, strength of the med determine it's effectiveness & harm :)

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