Refresh powder v Calcium Bentonite
  • wongyengwongyeng November 2012
    Posts: 238
    Can anyone advise if these 2 items are the same ??
  • lautslauts November 2012
    Posts: 1,248
    Refresh clay is mineral clay mined from a mountain region in Japan. The mineral analysis is not provided. Calcium bentonite is also mineral clay, found in many places in the world, has higher calcium content hence called calcium bentonite. If we can have the analysis of Refresh and another clay with same analysis then we can say same thing :-D But still cannot call Refresh , cos patent already.
    Most important , does the clay achieve your objective , be it clearer water, sumi better , skin softer etc.

  • wongyengwongyeng November 2012
    Posts: 238
    Thank you for the clarifications.
    If they are the same then I will get to use Refresh Powder :D

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