is this fish food good ?
  • k0kwa1k0kwa1 November 2012
    Posts: 146
    fish meal, wheat meal, yeast, germ meal, vitamins A, D3, C, E, B, B2, B6, B12, Niacin Amide, Para-Amino. Benzoic Acid,
    Pathothenic Iron, Copper, Zinc, Cobalt, Managenese, Iodine, Phos-phorus Calcium, and Colouring additives.

    Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude protein - 33% & above
    Crude fat - 4% & above
    Crude fibre - 5% & below
    Crude ash - 9% & below

    it is from a sole agent in singapore.
    and my fren who is a aquarium fish seller sell me in a very cheap price. would lik to noe tat izit a gud food for my local koi ?
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar November 2012
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    Brand name?
  • k0kwa1k0kwa1 November 2012
    Posts: 146
    erm is belong to a brand name classica
    dun think is a famous brand
  • k0kwa1k0kwa1 November 2012
    Posts: 146
    anymore comments ? izit roughly similar to the fish food content that every bro and sis here that are feeding to the kois ?
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar November 2012
    Posts: 1,763
    The contents similar to Hikari Wheatgerm as its less protein. IMHO, rather than buying an unknown brand, better invest in Hikari or any other known brand like Hikari, Sakai or others. Pls consider :)
  • k0kwa1k0kwa1 November 2012
    Posts: 146
    lol i understand bro Bthineshkumar. the fish that i mentioned at above is quite cheap, and as a low income student like me cnt afford too expensive fish food T.T
  • ZackZack November 2012
    Posts: 232
    Bro Kokwa,
    Ask yourself the objectives of jumping into this hobby? If you know your direction, then you will know how much money you need to spend & whether it is worth on every single cent & are you willing to go to that extend. Some hobyist just keep kois though it is local to pass their time & beutify their garden. Some keep to train themselves on grooming skills & to see their kois potential. Some target for competion meaning buying expensive one & register for show. As you can see on the examples of objectives, roughly you will know the amount of money you need to spent & can you accept that? Not to discourage you bro but as a student with no income, I will suggest you go ahead & buy that food within your means & learnt by experience rather than theory only but of course not necessarily expensive is excelent whereas cheap is no good. Choice is in your gand. We can only advice.
    My kois are my lover
  • idrisidris November 2012
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    many breeders in japan only giving cheap why go ahead bro..why we use hikari? well i believe its a trend to buy the brand and because story that were told by many hobbyist about the advantage using this..
  • harry_luhurharry_luhur November 2012
    Posts: 808
    Classica is another branding product by Qian Hu, a singapore company. Most product is made in China, so price quite cheap.

    Harry Luhur
  • IzrulIzrul November 2012
    Posts: 715
    Kokwa,since u r student...i know the feel bcoz i kept local koi in my heyday..
    But since they are quite a number of dealers now,also helps from this forum,you still can get japanese kois tosais that usually ranged from 100-200..better quality can be acquired at gosanke and yamakoshi for 300++ tosais.
    I also didnt put much money into this hobby,as im still learning and hey,i also kept them in fgt until my new house is completed,then only i will have a pond.

    Dont buy local koi,why bcoz our local koi,i repeat OUR local didnt stand up for any standard.
    But there's still 1 option for local kois.get them this feb-march at mrkoi farm mudpond.
    He breed using the japanese parents (oyagoi) and they are o f course quality oyagois.

    Dont be demoralized,save some pocket money or allowance,get couple of japanese kois and enjoy this hobby.
    Just to remind,please do get and ask informations from all sifus here.they are more than happy to help.These sifus helped me when i totally messed up with the filter and bacteria set up.

  • IzrulIzrul November 2012
    Posts: 715
    Btw if u r in singapore,then bro zack surely can guide u.
  • HermanHerman November 2012
    Posts: 46
    Bro kokwa,

    What i hv heard was local koi breeders r focusing on QUANTITY whereas japanese r on QUALITY. According to bro Izrul, japanese kois aren't that expensive for a beginner. Price range from RM100 ++ up to RM1000++ for a tosai. So i personally felt japanese kois r worthy. :-D
  • k0kwa1k0kwa1 December 2012
    Posts: 146
    ya =) will abosrp all the advises given =D

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