Total Pond Filter Cleaning
  • AnuarAnuar November 2012
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    Hi All,

    My pond is coming to 5 years old and I have never given it a thorough filter cleaning. I am planning to do so to try to bring the parameters back to a better base level. I would usually throughly wash the first and second chambers and would just rinse the third and forth ones. The third chamber is filled with crystal bio which I plan to unpack from the sack, individually jet sprayed and repack. The forth one is my last chamber which houses my pumps and some corals.

    I am wondering if anyone has done so in the past and what should I be looking out for. I am concerned on rebuilding the good bacteria colony and awakening the bad ones. Total water change will be around 30%, should I bring down further to 50%?

  • ShukriShukri November 2012
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    No sweat Bro Anuar,
    The good bacteria will bounce back to original figures within 48 hours or so.........

    If you see you kois flashing and gulping, probably you should consider adding salt to your pond.....
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  • kominatokominato November 2012
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    And try not to use chlorinated water to clean.
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar November 2012
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    Bro Anuar, u might want to add light medication like yellow powder or S1 just in case any bad bac escapes. Yellow powder also would calm the koi's :)
  • KaajKaaj November 2012
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    Bro anuar.
    Usually the guys who take care of my filters clean the entire lot - from settlement to pump and everything in between every 3 months. They advocate using pond water to clean filter media, but this is subjective as many owners including David Soon and Paul Hooi use tap/chlorinated water. In any event, you will be topping up a large percentage of water since the entire filters will be cleared - 30/ you will have to use anti-chlorine anyway. You may also want to use some bacteria starter if you are concerned about your "colony" :)

    Have a good one!
  • nocturnalnocturnal November 2012
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    Abang Anuar, Bros & Sis :)

    please let me share my experience :)
    before i did my own filter maintenance, a guy who did it for me, did it thoroughly at a glance but every time i start running the pump again, water in pond will be cloudy. he said it's normal for this to happen after maintenance, i took his words because he was in charge of maintenance for a few ponds here. most of the time fish will flash, sometimes park, also normal according to him. after i did my own maintenance only i knew what seems thorough actually is not. the cloudiness is actually fish wasted that is still intact to the media now being released after water gushing thru them at high & big volume from main water column.

    i've been cleaning the whole filter thoroughly for 2-3 years now, never encounter any problems like b4 (flashing & parking after). As Abang Kaaj mention, i did what i did following Abang David. use tap water to rinse thoroughly all media with jet spray. if TDO is high couple with a gd bacteria starter i think should be no problem for the gd bacs to bounce back.
    Abang Anuar, after u jet spray the jmats thoroughly try to whack them hard on the floor, u will be surprise with the amount of poops still attach to them even after jet spraying banghead
    jet spray the filter walls & floors too if u didn't b4, another rude surprise ;-)

    with professional water test, water is taken from main water column, all bacteria count (gd or bad) is detected there meaning nitrification & coliform is in the whole body of water & not just in the filters. IMHO coliform will be more impacted rather than the gd bacs if we clean the whole filter thoroughly since we are cutting them off their food supply which is fish waste :)

    when u said u wanted to bring parameters back to better base level, i presume nirtAte?
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  • MfwleeMfwlee November 2012
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    Mine is a gravity fed small pond - so easy to manage, and I share " nocturnal's " experience above.

    Have not found a problem with jet spraying the few kilos of media directly from the tap - the main thing is that I do not allow them to completely dry out because my cleaning process takes only a few minutes.

    Yes, always be wary when your water suddenly clouds over - look for the cause rather than just hope that it will clear. :)
    Mike Lee
  • AnuarAnuar November 2012
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    Thanks Bros for the feedback. As mentioned by Bro Adik, I intend to do the washing thoroughly, including washing the crystal bio indvidually and repack them back into their sacks. The jap matts are no problem as they are very easy to wash.

    I will have yellow powder in hand just in case.

    Now I am also considering draining the whole pond to also wash the pond walls. Anybody did this before? The plan is to fill a temporary tank with the existing pond water, drain the pond and get rid of all the wall algae and everything. Then fill the pond with tap water. I intend to complete this within a day.

    Is there any additional benefit of doing this? At one point in time, I tried very hard to bring the pond TDS to the tap water level but failed even with huge water changes. Tap water TDS is around 80 while pond water hovered around 120.

    A bit scared if this will cause havoc in the pond as I dont handle crisis very well

  • MfwleeMfwlee November 2012
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    Wah ! ... this sounds serious, and you probably have your reasons for wanting to mature a new pond all over again ?

    On my part, have never found the need to do so for many years - so will back off while others share their advice. :">
    Mike Lee
  • nocturnalnocturnal November 2012
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    i know Abang David does a total clean up every 1-2 years :)
    i read in the other thread that u douse ur pond with 200g of refresh weekly, maybe that's what been pushing up TDS?
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  • AnuarAnuar November 2012
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    Bro Mike,

    Thanks, you are right, just trying to gauge whether there is a need to do so. I read somehwere sometime ago that Momotaro does this annually to bring back the parameters to a new base level and if not mistaken also mentioned about the benefit of re-culturing the bacteria. Not sure whether it is worth the while, maybe not.

    Bro Adik,

    I think I'l stick with just filter washing this round... scared lah....
  • lautslauts November 2012
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    Bro Anuar,

    Not necessary to scrub pond walls , algae is good for kois to graze. They are also source of some nutrients as well as nitrogen bacts. Jet spray all the rest of chambers including the crystal bios and bio jap mats, add some good bact culture thereafter , maybe 1days after when your new water settled. No feeding 2 days before and after washing. Bro Adik is correct abt Jap mat, no amt of spray would clean all, still need to hit hard on floor to rid all the scum.

    Can you plug all the filter chamber so can clean throughly and top up fill the chambers first then and dechlor before pump is started to flow to main pond? This would ensure no bad bacts and scum gets to main pond. No need for meds and salts esp if you are taking TDS reading and using TDS readings to monitor water quality.

  • koikichivnkoikichivn November 2012
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    I do it every 02 months without any issue.
  • harry_luhurharry_luhur November 2012
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    Bro Anuar,

    As Adik stated is also what i have been doing for more than 10years. Every year i totally clean all filtration, although not take all kois out, because here difficult to nursery at dealer and risky.

    I clean all media using tap water, around 80% clean with ozonated water. Clean all chamber bay, using jet spray is easy to work. I usually start fasting the kois 3-7days before cleaning, and start feeding after new nitrification bacteria cultured which usually around 1 week.

    Harry Luhur
  • harry_luhurharry_luhur November 2012
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    Bro koikichivn,

    For japmat intended as mechanical filter, i do weekly cleaning. As most japmat is used as mechanical instead of biological, fail to clean can result in accumulation of debris

    Harry Luhur

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