Does your pond has enough TDO?
  • ShukriShukri November 2012
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    Dear brothers & sisters,
    How big is your pond? And does your pond has enough aeration? Is the TDO within the acceptable reading?
    Without sufficient TDO, the kois will not have that appetite to take the foods that are presented to them.....

    Less eating means less bulk, and slower growth rate.......

    Kois need lots and lots of Oxygen.......this is one point that has been missed by some koi hobbyists.......just to share with you guys...........
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  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar November 2012
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    Thanks for the heads up Sifu Shukri, for my 3.5 ton pond, I'm running 120/l china model. Connected to :
    1) 1X the new air diffuser
    2) 2X air stone at filter
    3) 2X air stone at dead spot at pond

    On top of this, I still have fountain and venture jet. :-D
  • kominatokominato November 2012
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    For my 1.5ton pond, using a hiblow 20 with 7 outlets around the pond.
  • jamiltjamilt November 2012
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    My pond is 28,850 liter. Oct 2011, i used only one 65 lpm blower in my filter chamber, waterfall as aeration at the pond.

    Jan 2012 bro @mrkoi help install 85 lpm blower with 3 airstones in my pond.

    June 2012 bro @Shukri visited my pond and adviced me to install more air blowers. I installed 2 units of 120 lpm and 1 unit of 100 lpm hailea blowers with 9 airstones. He also adviced me to upgrade my beadfilter from waterco ASM400 + ASM500 to ASM900 - which i did - last Sept 2012.

    Now my kois eats more and are healthier. I will do TDO test this December along with other tests.
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  • idrisidris November 2012
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    My pond basically 18 ton..I use 2 blower hailed 120lpm..1 only for filter chamber and 1 for main pond..the air being distribute by few air diffuser and air stone...some mero I have two fountain and1 more return from my bakki shower..I don't know whether this is sufficient or not because never measure it...kois appetite quite ok as they can eat anytime if I throw pallet..
  • archonarchon November 2012
    Posts: 25
    Guys how do we know what is the level of TDO in the water?
  • idrisidris November 2012
    Posts: 1,182
    Tdo meter I supposed

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