Koi Growth Inhibitors
  • tswerntswern November 2012
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    Dear Sifus...

    I have a newbie question. Wonder there are any books or documentation or first hand experiences on impact of growth inhibiting hormones on koi. Was wondering if one can successfully remove nitrates from water without water change, any products to remove these growth inhibiting hormones (if they really exist)?

    In addition, at what sort of conditions such hormones are produced? For example, in a lowly stocked pond, no such hormones are produced or at a lower rate?

    Read some stuff from
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  • niveknivek November 2012
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    I am no sifu but from what I have been reading overstocking and bad water condition will stress the kois thus causing them to release a whole bunch of bad hormones with inhibitors being one of them. Only solution as far as I know is frequent water changes to dilute these hormones.

    As to your question on lowly stocked ponds, again it falls back to your water quality. Some have managed to raise 70bu kois in their 4 ton ponds due to prestine water conditions.
  • lautslauts November 2012
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    No shortcut to water change i'm afraid for nitrate and hormones. There were some that uses PP previously to oxidise the pond water , use is controversial.


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