Outdoor UPS/Backup power
  • tswerntswern November 2012
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    Dear sifus,

    Would like to have your opinions as to where to get outdoor UPS/Backup power that are suitable for outdoor use.
    Save they have such units in Yamakoshi and Atarikoi (TELETRON & PEMS) complete with a canopy, but am wondering any sifus here use them before and can attest to their reliability?

  • grinkz01grinkz01 November 2012
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    bro...are u referring to genset (with stabilizer+ auto transfer switch) or a pure sinusoidal ups?
  • tswerntswern November 2012
    Posts: 132
    Bro, actually refering to just the UPS. :D

    As for genset, something to consider too actually. Thinking of just getting UPS first :).
  • idrisidris November 2012
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    bro tswern. i use an ups also but not like above mention brand. I bought mine at GosaNke koi taman desa less than rm1k without the battery..already few month and works fine..i use NS60 battery and with my 120 hi blow it can last for 4 hours...the cover i bought myself at hardware shop..all item less than rm1k...but if you have a budget, go for pems as this unit already complete and plus the cover is water proof...
  • niveknivek November 2012
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    sifus, how does PEMS work?
  • KahhoeKahhoe November 2012
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    I am using PEMS now ...so far so good ... since i just used a few months back ... had not work before during emergencies ... so i dont know how long it lasts ... its with complete set and water proof with a lock ... so its safer at outdoor with a shelter ofcoz ... but its quite costly ... Maybe can follow bro. Idris idea ... can DIY and save cost ;-)
    Rearing Nishikigoi are very interesting ... Just observe their development ... Everybody loves them =)
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  • tswerntswern November 2012
    Posts: 132
    Bro KahHoe,

    I asked Atarikoi at Tropicana on the PEMS unit siap with Canopy. Approximately 1.7k. N60 Batt. For the Teletron, is about 1.8k.

    I also asked my DataCenter Genset/UPS contractor (where I work), they told me those things can be obtained from Jalan Pasar. Have actually made a quick visit there, but can't find it.
  • KahhoeKahhoe November 2012
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    Mine i bought at almost that price too ... but without battery ... but that battery can obtained from Rm 100 ++ to 300 ++ .... depends on what type u buy .... for that one u say obtained from Jln Pasar ... I think is like those used for backup electronic items such as computers and Tv ... not that sure ... i think i saw b4 last time ... but u have to do casing urself ... Maybe anyone use b4 ... can help u 8->
    Rearing Nishikigoi are very interesting ... Just observe their development ... Everybody loves them =)
  • AlvinAlvin December 2012
    Posts: 84
    This is my DIY UPS (1500watt). :)>-
    ups.jpg 138K
  • idrisidris December 2012
    Posts: 1,182
    Nice bro..including cooling fan...hehe..
  • AlvinAlvin December 2012
    Posts: 84
    cooling fan to cool down the control panel temperature when it is charging:-D .
  • dennis68dennis68 December 2012
    Posts: 69
    Bro cost u how much ?
  • AlvinAlvin December 2012
    Posts: 84
    Already pm to you.
  • wyinwyin December 2012
    Posts: 78
    Hi Alvin,

    Another nice DIY project. (Y)
  • abunuhaabunuha December 2012
    Posts: 25
    Bro Alvin how your ups working?
  • AlvinAlvin December 2012
    Posts: 84
    Bro Wei Yin,

    Thanks. Still thinking what to DIY next.

    Bro Abunuha,

    All running ok with no overheating problem and no humming sound. i still hasn't test how long it can backup in case of power failure.
  • pandaipandai July 2013
    Posts: 1,083

    Bumping up an old thread on same subject. Can someone advice me; if I just want a UPS to power my hiblow pump of 60W and the whole unit will be in a sheltered area (almost like indoor), what can I use? May I also know the price and where I can get such unit from?

    Also if I could have a better option for such a setup.


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  • ray2kray2k July 2013
    Posts: 96
    Hi Bro Pandai,
    UPS is expensive. The inverter units shown are probably enough. Alternatively, consider a gen set.

    Only problem with gen sets is that auto starting units start at around 5-10 kVA. Takes up space.If you have the space, put a bigger unit (buy recond to keep the cost down) and power the whole pond, aircond in the house and fridge.

    Small units can be same as pasar malam type. robust, cheap but noisy like hell and you need to start it manually. New skill for the maid.

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