Koi with no eyes !!!
  • val37val37 November 2010
    Posts: 2
    Hi folks,

    I am very new to this hobby and was given some kois as a gift.
    One of my kois is a black koi and looks like he has no eyes.
    He is swimming ok with the others, but is a bit slow to respond when it comes to feeding time.
    He is not blind, just born with no eyes.
    I will try to post his pic soon.
    Meanwhile, has anyone else ever seen such a thing ?
  • AndySittAndySitt November 2010
    Posts: 560
    Well bro.. looks like its a deformed fish.. Normally in any breed there are bound to be tens of thousands of deformed fishes. Recently I saw a koi hobbyist getting some fries from Japan and many of the koi turned out deformed ie no eyes. Sooner of later this fish will die as it cant compete with the rest for food. Unless there is no competition for food, the fish might survive.

    Well it might sound cruel but we normally dump the fish when we find any problems as we always need space for new fishes and its costly to feed them.. Well its one reason why you see so many kois in places like Desa Park City or Taman Tun Park.. These 2 are regular koi hobbyist dumping ground.
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