Concrete filtration or drum filtration?
  • makutuhmakutuh October 2012
    Posts: 9
    hello guys just wana ask if Concrete filtration better or drum filtration drum
  • ShukriShukri October 2012
    Posts: 4,881
    This question is kind of difficult to answer.......for one, it is not an apple to apple comparison. If you have a specific situation, then possibly there will be some basis to discuss and put our case.......
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  • grinkz01grinkz01 October 2012
    Posts: 530
    concrete filtration usually can be a mechanical filtration chamber or bio chamber or both while rotary drum filter is only about mechanical filtration. rdf is good to capture fine debris up to 80 micron while concrete filtration usually using vortex/brush/jap mat which can't capture 80mic debris. looks that rdf is better? are u sure? dont ever think that rdf can be use as single stand filtration system, it still need bio filters.

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