How to DIY venturi effect?
  • andysiaandysia October 2012
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    Just wondering any sifu here knows how to DIY venturi effect at water return outlet from pump? I saw some DIY through Youtube but instruction not clear. I like that serene type of water flow with bubble ...

    Thanks in advance.
  • ZackZack October 2012
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    Guess before you embark on using Venturi, do consider below is this forum page. Need some clarification as to whether this would be harmful or not. 

    "We are always told a venturi dissolves OXYGEN into water. This is not entirely true. The atmosphere is around 80% nitrogen, 18 - 19% oxygen and 1 - 2% other minor gasses. A venturi pushes air into the water under pressure - not only oxygen.

    High levels of nitrogen don't agree with koi or other fish for that matter. Better to de-gas the water under pressure by placing the venturi's pointing towards the surface or as in Pieter’s pictures out of the water pointing into the pond. If you have a water fall / and or stream you could run your venturies into the water fall or stream. This adds a great deal of air and balance the pressure of the gasses.
    Trickle filters are great at oxygenating the water and filtering it.
    My kois are my lover
  • HDCuHDCu October 2012
    Posts: 1,117
    The problem of using a DIY venturi is that the bubble that are released are not really that fine so as to create enough surface area of air/oxygen to contact with water as compared to an airstone or to a air hose diffuser. The second problem of underwater venturi is that the flow rate of the water coming out of the pump gets affected thereby lowering your turnover rate.

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