New Dainichi Showa transformed differently after 2 weeks
  • ikankoikauikankoikau October 2012
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    Dear kichis,

    I have bought these Dainichi Showa at very small size. Looking at them in a big group at dealer's pond, I am not sure whether the "black fish" effect in showa will reduce and showing more shiroji or beni or has stabilized. Or showing more sumi :-?

    The biggest, 17cm two weeks ago. I didnt net them as they are still new and it wont be easy to do that :-) Showa 1- 17cm(3-10-12)- 01.JPG 1- c- 01.JPG

    14cm two weeks ago. Showa 2- 14cm(3-10-12)- 01.JPG 2- a- 01.JPG

    13cm two weeks ago. Showa 3- 13cm(3-10-12)- 01.JPG 3- b- 01.JPG

    14cm two weeks ago. Showa 4- 14cm(3-10-12)-01.JPG 4- a- 01.JPG

    In the same water and same enviroment, it surprises me how no 4 showa has transformed. I expected the sumi to come out much later but it came out aggresively just after 2 weeks. This has puzzled me :-? Anybody can see this coming or share your opinion? It will be a good learning process to pick a small showa. Most of the showas still look dirty. Hopefully it will clear up after a month or two.
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  • lautslauts October 2012
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    The beginning of the journey to jumbohood :-D .

    I like the 1st pict and the 3rd pict kois. I'm a body man and the 3rd koi pattern looks good to me too. Also looks female this 3rd koi , while the 1st likely male.

  • kwchankwchan October 2012
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    Hi captain,

    Would it be the no.4 showa is a male and that's why develop faster? :-?
  • niveknivek October 2012
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    Hi capt..frm my point of view..number 4 fish seems to have bulked the most based on the pics. Meaning its more relaxed and adapted to your pond? Thus indirectly better color formed due to less stress?
  • KChongKChong October 2012
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    Hi Captain,

    I like the 4th showa purely for the pattern but it would be interesting to see how it develop further.

    Mind to pm me where did you buy those?

  • megatronmegatron October 2012
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    Don't ask me why!!!
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  • wklimwklim October 2012
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    Bro ikankoikau,

    Nice selection on the showa pieces!

    Personally, I like no 2 the best, which I think has the best potential over time. As for the sumi, I also believe it will eventually reveal in full glory, just like the siblings (?) exhibit now. Interesting piece to work on :)

    Congratulations! =D>
  • KahhoeKahhoe October 2012
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    (Y) (Y) (Y) no.4 became so nice :-))
    Rearing Nishikigoi are very interesting ... Just observe their development ... Everybody loves them =)
  • nocturnalnocturnal October 2012
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    Capt for a newbie, the kois..... ok ok la :p :p

    jokes aside :-D , i'm really keen to see the on going transformation, i know u saw something in these four showas that many of us don't. please share their development.
    i'll go for no 3 :)
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  • grinkz01grinkz01 October 2012
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    yah i think no 4 having good adaptation mechanism so it has the most developed sumi...but i love no. 3 showa, kind of kindai showa...
  • SsmannSsmann October 2012
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    Wow, no 4 development in just 2 weeks is amazing.....well done bro...
  • JamesJames October 2012
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    Shiro.jpg 95K
  • KahhoeKahhoe October 2012
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    Wow ... Bro James ... Your shiro's sumi is =D> =D> =D>
    Rearing Nishikigoi are very interesting ... Just observe their development ... Everybody loves them =)
  • DanleeDanlee October 2012
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    Bro James,

    Wow!!! What a transformation. Well done, Bro.
  • niveknivek October 2012
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    You feed your fishes black paint is it? Super good sumi development lor ^:)^
  • smokersmoker October 2012
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    Bro James, be honest, do you paint it ? :-))
    superb sumi improvement.
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  • JamesJames October 2012
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    :-)) :-)) :-)) She did the magic herself...
  • ikankoikauikankoikau October 2012
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    Sorry brudders, have to MIA for a few days. In Japan right now(working not koiing:-) )Thanks for all your comments. Actually this is the first time I bought showa less than 15cm. Mostly all the kois in the pond still look messy as sumi has not settle down nicely. The beni still not clearly define and shiroji still over shadowed by the black fish back ground. This is the time when we can miss the good ones easily and maybe/hopefully the breeder too [-O< Because of this too, the price can be considered still low for a Dainichi's showa. I will update for our learning and imagination ;-)

    Bro Lau, only 1 female ka? Ohh actually I bought 5 pieces but only post 5 kois as I was in hurry. I am hoping for at least 3/5 to turn out female. I bought no 1 mainly because of the body. Still looking for male showa with female body.

    The 3rd one actually was swimming vertically at the dealer's pond and on the 1st day. Because of the promising quality, I picked it up and took the risk. Maybe due to this, it has not been picked up. After treating (with Kenkona Koi of course :-) ), the koi was swimming normally after 3 days. Btw, luckily this koi got a dot beni on the right side of the head. Otherwise I might not have chosen it. It is safe enough not to get covered by sumi, I think.

    Bro Chan, maybe you are right but 1st one looks more male to me. We will see bro:-)Normally male character is shown better with bright beni.

    Bro Kevin, maybe too. Out of all, actually no 1 showa is the most relaxed koi. Always hungry and stay close to the surface for food. I think no 4 will have good sumi quality. One thing different about no 4, when I selected that koi, I was not sure whether the motoguru is red or black in colour. Even the tail fin looked redish than blackish. The shoulder shiroji also has underlying beni underneath but thru my experience, this beni will not come out. So far so good.

    Bro Kelvin, it's from Atari. No need PM la since no secret anymore as this shipment is not that new:-))

    Bro Lim, I think you are right. No 2 showa can come out nicely. The sumi placement against beni is good. My only worry is the small dots of hi plate. I hope this showa will not affected by the secondary hi.

    Bro Kahhoe, at this time,No 4 looks nice at this moment. We'll see :-)

    Bro Adik, hopefully I saw saomething too. Newbie maa

    Bro grinkz01, No 3 should come out as clean look more less kindai showa.

    Bro Ssmann, thanks.

    Bro James, you have nicely painted the shiro. Good to know if what some people said about fast appearing sumi will go down faster. I know it is quite true for beni but not sure about sumi. As showa is a black base koi, the sumi might get better with age.

    Thanks guys.

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