a leap from edge of space !!
  • adleeadlee October 2012
    Posts: 115
    just wanna share with u guys something out of koi topic.. yesterday i saw these video...
    a daredevil guy name felix baumgartner take a leap 90,0000 feet above the ground and landed safely..
    such an amazing stunt...


    u can view more at http://www.redbullstratos.com/
    photo.jpg 42K
  • niveknivek October 2012
    Posts: 1,251
    Pretty incredible and he is really brave!
  • adleeadlee October 2012
    Posts: 115
    yeah bro kevin... official record is 128,100 feet!!! he's from austria.. 43 years old. if im not mistaken he's the same guy jumped from klcc 6 or 7 years ago
  • nocturnalnocturnal October 2012
    Posts: 376
    WOW such a feat!! thanx for sharing Adlee, gd to know that u are looking at other things too in the net :-D
    i tot kois kois kois 24/7 , now i know kois 23 per day only :p
  • adleeadlee October 2012
    Posts: 115
    hahahah.. adik...
    my koihunt today is a waste loh...
    but have to find the silverlining sumwhere... i did manage to see the sanke is still there..
    and the workers told me few people asking the same piece. lucky i bought it first - or did i told u bout that already? :)

    and i did promote this forum to one koikaki when we met at gosanke. he wants to move his 9 koi (bought from AKA) from damansara to kota kemuning if im not mistaken...

    he has a problem at his condo where the neighbour downstairs keep complaining bout the sound from the pump. he put his collection on the balcony. feel sorry for him thou...
  • nocturnalnocturnal October 2012
    Posts: 376
    hehehe didn't know too that atari & yamakoshi closes on mondays.
    happy that ur building up your collection. with ur passion, slowly but surely you'll be there
    :) :) :)

    sad to hear about the koikaki predicament.... speaking of the matter, a neighbor of mine used to keep kois in a small pond, his next door neighbor kept complaining she couldn't sleep listening to the water sound from the mini waterfall at nite so he gave up the hobby & filled the pond (hope i used the right term :-D )
    it has been more than a year now the other neighbor kept an untrained dog that keeps barking thru out the nite at other dogs, cats etc that passes by, ironic isn't it? :-? X(

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