Latest acquisition and pond update
  • SsmannSsmann October 2012
    Posts: 164
    Bros and Sis,

    Finally, I muscled the strength and time to cull all my koi bar 1 and added some new ones.

    What are your thoughts on these Showas....all comments welcome pls so as I can learn and appreciate the hobby and cultivating better selection skills, tq

    PS - forgive the pic quality Ipad shots taken by the mrs : ) latest.JPG latest 2.JPG

    This was the 1st ever koi I got when I first set up me pond, very sentimental....too me she is most special and is a keeper...a real fatty!! hahahaha koi.JPG

    My kohaku has a shimi....water too hard....what can be done to remove this shimi pls? shimi.JPG

    Will soon post a youtube video update of pond.....
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  • grinkz01grinkz01 October 2012
    Posts: 530
    your 2 showas looks promising bro, the one with white color in head area is better. Which farm is this ?
  • SsmannSsmann October 2012
    Posts: 164
    Bro, the one with the white head is from Sakai whereas the other from Isa. Tq bro!
  • niveknivek October 2012
    Posts: 1,251
    Nice! I like the Isa showa.
  • adleeadlee October 2012
    Posts: 115
    yalah bro kevin i like the showa too! do post for their future later bro ssmann
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar October 2012
    Posts: 1,763
    Bro, I like the Isa as well. Looks gud (Y)
  • SsmannSsmann October 2012
    Posts: 164
    Video upload of pond...sorry for poor quality, this is my 1st ever youtube video upload :-D

    Bubbles are due to salting at 0.25% due to new addition Showa's post quarantine period
  • niveknivek October 2012
    Posts: 1,251
    Wahhh your fatty is really fatty in the video. Nice nice :)
  • DanleeDanlee October 2012
    Posts: 694
    Bro Ssmann,
    I like both your showa =D> =D> =D> . The Isa showa will look even better if we have some white on the head, Maybe you can look for Sifu Shukri.... (Y) (Y) (Y)
  • ShukriShukri October 2012
    Posts: 4,881
    Who who who! I only know about knife and cutting.......hehehehe! Any koi victim for me? :-)) :-D
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  • SsmannSsmann October 2012
    Posts: 164
    Yes bro a shimi removal experiment......hehehehehe
  • SsmannSsmann October 2012
    Posts: 164
    Bro Danlee, thanks for your kind words. Coming from a sifu, I am touched and hope my keeping skills can be tested to take these beauties to their potential. Lots to how to have some white on a black head, how to remove Shimi from my Kohaku, etc etc etc

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