Fibreglass tank - to paint or not ?
  • teohvsteohvs September 2012
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    Hi all Koi sifus,

    Just bought a new fibreglass tank 10feet length x 6 feet width x 3.5 feet height. Finance minister vetoed building koi pond so went for next alternative acceptable to her.

    Plan to place it in the ground 2 feet down. I was thinking of painting it to protect the fibreglass surface. What paint is recommended which is safe for koi? Was told 2 part epoxy paint from hardware shop is good enough. Has anybody done this before and what is the long term effect? Will the paint crack and peel after several years?

    My current FGT (8feet x 4feet x 3feet) has small blisters all around after 2 years in use.
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  • harry_luhurharry_luhur September 2012
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    Bro Teoh,

    Why don't you custom order it with spesific color u want. The manufacture can easily mix pigment to resin according your choice of color, yours is mix with gray pigment color.


    Harry Luhur
  • teohvsteohvs September 2012
    Posts: 14
    I chose gray cause it looks better in the ground. I am not trying to change the color but hoping to protect the interior.
  • kominatokominato September 2012
    Posts: 408
    Hi bro, may I know the cost of your FGT. Thanks
  • teohvsteohvs September 2012
    Posts: 14
    Bro Kominato, I have send you a PM.
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  • kominatokominato September 2012
    Posts: 408
    Thanks bro.
  • WilganWilgan September 2012
    Posts: 245
    Actually over time algea should cover the surface so paint what colour also doesn't make a difference right? So might as well dun paint.
  • IzrulIzrul October 2012
    Posts: 715
    bro pm the price of the fgt

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