Pond design help
  • Yek87Yek87 September 2012
    Posts: 13
    Hi. Here a newbie from Kuching Sarawak. Who need help in designing pond. I have read some post regarding filtration of the pond. But still not really understand. Hope there is some sifu here can help.

    Just want know. Any sifu is from kuching so that maybe we can hang out to ask in more detail.

    Haha. Want to post the site that I going to build the pond. But not sure how to post photo here.
  • Kelvin86Kelvin86 September 2012
    Posts: 301
    Hi Yek87,

    I'm Kelvin from Kuching. I am one of the Koi dealer in Kuching and I also do build pond an filtration system. You can contact me at 016-8003001. Thanks bro.

    - Aquatic Kingdom -
  • Yek87Yek87 September 2012
    Posts: 13
    Hi kelvin. Where is u shop now? Hehe. Last time was move to the housing there right? And recently I saw it close down dy. where u Move to?
    I actually want to budget and Want try ask comment on sifu here. Hehe. I have some idea on what I want and recently will try to draw and post here. Hehe.

    Kelvin. Thanks anyway.


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