• lautslauts November 2014
    Posts: 1,248
    Mine was at least 6.5ft running straight up with 180 bend at end. You can get 150W pumping air :-)) :-)) . They had reliability issue sometime back with some parts. I still have 2 running from more than 10 yrs ago. Old model (Y) , current ones have changed the seal and bearings few times on few pumps. But i am still happy with them, sturdy built with thick cables.

  • Kelvin86Kelvin86 November 2014
    Posts: 301
    Thank you very much Bro @Lauts for the clarification. Appreciate so much! I should know what to do now and also just a thought, so meaning all pumps that stated at the box mention about the output is under the circumstances of no load too? Meaning when the load is there, the capacity of electricity consumption will increase too?

    Thank you so much brothers for the prompt replies. Thank you thank you! :D
    - Aquatic Kingdom -
  • ray2kray2k November 2014
    Posts: 96
    Mine have been trouble free so far. Running since 2005 and all 3 have been giving sterling service. Contrast that with my FOK the has had bearings changed twice and motor rewind once.

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