How to get rid of Hair algae ?
  • dennis68dennis68 August 2012
    Posts: 69
    all the sifu here any suggestion that can get rid of hair algae ? my pond lately have a lot of hair algae , i put the algae killer but still the same .sakit kepala .............
  • HDCuHDCu August 2012
    Posts: 1,117
    What is your nitrate level and what is your water change rate?
  • ikankoikauikankoikau August 2012
    Posts: 1,053
    Bro Dennis,
    There are a lot of preventions on how not to get into this problem. Such as, to shade your pond and to reduce Nitrate. But to remove it immediately without having the dead string algae floating or blocking your filter mats and pumps, I would prefer to scrape it and having a fine net to collect it. Carry out 50% water change. Stop feeding a day or two. This will reduce Nitrate significantly. Some type of algae killer will affect the pond equilibrium and will cause havoc when the algae died.
  • ShukriShukri August 2012
    Posts: 4,881
    Till today, the algaes have not yet return to my pond. By right they should, but not as yet. I have a huge suspicion that it got to do with Remedor that I dosed my pond with before re introducing the fishes into the pond. Remedor is a real strong stuff.........
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  • dennis68dennis68 August 2012
    Posts: 69
    Bro thanks for all the suggestions ! now i feed them 1/2 , and added bacteria , do you think the bacteria will help ?
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  • rsingamrsingam May 2014
    Posts: 116
    I have been having string algae problem lately. I tried several methods to rid the string algae in vain. Lately I was introduced to Algaefix by PondCare. It removed all my string algae within 2 weeks.
  • hkl84hkl84 May 2014
    Posts: 51
    I heard that Microbe-life pl could remove nitrate and solve the algae problem

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