pond plus dosage
  • jamiltjamilt July 2012
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    Does anybody know the dosage for pond plus. my pond is 28500 liters.
    its says at the box 300-500g for 10,000m2. i am bad with maths. help.
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  • lautslauts July 2012
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    Actually you need only very small amount as product meant for commercial farming. I use abt half teaspoon for my pond 60T also same amount for the QT 400lit :-)) . Both no issue , except no trace of ammo and nitrite thereafter :-)). Just measure the nitrate to know it works in QT.

  • jamiltjamilt July 2012
    Posts: 287
    thank you bro lau. am preparing it now. tq.
  • jamiltjamilt July 2012
    Posts: 287
    bros and sifus i put pondplus at 11am, at 11pm i realised i forgot to turn off uv. i am contemplating to redo or not. maybe half the dosage??
  • jamiltjamilt July 2012
    Posts: 287
    This is the info i got from Syndel - Dosage for your tank (28500L) would be about 15g for PProtect and 2g for Pond Plus. Apply 1 x a month and after waterchange or after u wash ur filter.
  • ShukriShukri July 2012
    Posts: 4,881
    Bro Jamil,
    Thanks for sharing the dosage........
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