Converting 1 bio chamber to kaldnes moving bed
  • gdc7688gdc7688 June 2012
    Posts: 9
    Hey guys, I am in the process of converting 1 of the filtration chambers my contractor filled with pumice stone to a moving bed of kaldnes k3 media (100 liters ) . Was wondering how to prevent the media from spilling out to other chambers . My filter is a conventional gravity fed system. Also, the heavy aeration in the kaldnes chamber is causing a lot of foaming which hits the cengal wood decking. Will this cause the wood to rot over an extended period of time ? Help and advice much appreciated ! Also , could anyone link me to threads which show a dummy's guide to creating honey comb jap mats . I have not seen any examples in real life to fully grasp the concept of this design and would love to see some examples if anyone could offer me a viewing experience .. Haha! I'm from setia Eco park, shah Alam.

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