Tosai advise needed
  • MikeMike June 2012
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    Home minister L3 bought back some koi and there are in my FGT QT now.

    What is recommendation :-

    1) QT the new comer and put them into main pond.
    2) QT and groom them for (how long) in FGT before releasing them to the main pond.

    The koi is all tosai measuring from 12cm to 16cm and my FGT is 3' x 6' and 2' height (Water level)

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  • idrisidris June 2012
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    Bro mike...I think I go option 1. Ur main pond already matured so no problem. But it is best to mix pallet with small least they can enjoy their feast rather trying to fight for big size pallet. Gosanke have produced small size pallet which I already use it more than a month..good luck bro..
  • NeliNeli June 2012
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    Where are the pictures...I want to see them?
  • MikeMike June 2012
    Posts: 346
    Neli, here you go ...
  • KoiBeginnerKoiBeginner June 2012
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    @mike, really like your Hi-utsuri. PM me the price and where u got it can? :D
  • smokersmoker June 2012
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    option 1 bro mike.
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar June 2012
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    The Hi-utsuri looks like from Yamakoshi.
    Had purchased one from Yamakoshi Penang. Yamakoshi Tropicana should still have few more and they are having some promotion ...
  • lautslauts June 2012
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    Bro Mike,

    1) is better , but make sure QT kaw kaw. Better assuming your main pond is up and running with some similar sized kois so that caring for them is not an issue. For my pond 2) is an option for 12- 16cm, as my bottom drain opening gap is big causing them to be sucked into the first chamber or worse in sump chamber.
    Congrats on getting kois from your wife , a step forward for your koi hobby :-)) :-))

  • MikeMike June 2012
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    Spot on Bthineskumar, is it indeed from Yamakoshi. Its from Shinoda farm and the home minister is not telling the price, its a surprise gift but nothing cant be found out with a visit to Yamakoshi ;-) .

    Thanks for the feed back guys (Y) , will do accordingly.

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  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar June 2012
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    Bro Mike,

    I got mine on the arrival date itself in Yamakoshi Penang . :-D
    The shipment arrived 10 pm. Had waited and done my own catch (first time). By the time I finish, it is almost 11.30 pm but it's worth it. Here's the picture:

    It's still in QT @ Yamakoshi. Am still a newbie. How's the catch? Any comments?
    IMG_0720.JPG 163K
  • MikeMike June 2012
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    Flip the koi and check the tummy area for any discoloration. As per the pattern, It will be quite hard to tell as in Tosai. That's what I was told by the Sifu here.
  • MikeMike June 2012
    Posts: 346

    There's good and bad with the home minister bringing back koi as a gift ... there goes my additional 50% off from the actual price paid for koi #-O

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