Air Pump tubing/ pressure
  • gdc7688gdc7688 June 2012
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    Hi guys, this is my first post. I must say I've always been a forum lurker leeching information from the bros.
    Time to open up!
    Today, my new koi pond was commissioned. [specs: 2500 us gallons, turnover 30000 ltr/hour] After doing extensive research, I decided that getting an Air pump was necessary for optimum health of my Koi and Pond.

    I bought a Jebo Hi-Flo series air pump (70Ltr/min) 45watts/4.0psi max and tried installing 8 separate air stones around the pond. (6 in the filter chamber and 2 in the pond). Note that i bought the normal air tubes used for aquariums as i am not sure if different diameter tubes are used for ponds.

    The filter air stones had no problem diffusing air as the connections were nearest to the air pump. However, the air stones in the pond are not able to diffuse air. The air tube (aquarium spec) was ran about 8 meters from the pump under 2 feet of water. Can anyone suggest a solution to get all air stones working? Thanks for any help given~!

    Attached is a picture of my pond to give a clearer picture.

    The Red square indicates where the air pump is located. (about 1 feet more to the left.
    The Blue circles represent air stones that are working.
    The blue circles with yellow outline are airstones that are not working.
    photo (9).jpg 136K
  • ashfaqashfaq June 2012
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    Ashfaq from India-Chennai
  • ShukriShukri June 2012
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    Bro gdc7688,
    A warm welcome to the Koianswers Forum. Nice looking pond. Where are you located?
    Appreciate if you can tell us a little bit more about yourself and the Koi keeping hobby... :-D
    In Koianswers Forum, no one individual is above the rest. This is the Forum for the Koi Community.
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  • gdc7688gdc7688 June 2012
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I am located in Setia Eco Park.
    I have just embarked on a more serious phase of the Koi Hobby. I must admit that my pond has only 2 kois, the rest are rm5-10 carps. However, I won't part with the carps as they are part of the family now.

    I have solved the problem after abit of experimenting. Also upgraded the air pump to Hailea hp-100. Would prefer if it was slightly quieter then it is. My pond contractor's Hakko is silent in comparison.

    The problem was with the airstones. I used 2 small round air stones for the pond which was a mistake. I switched to korean made air diffusers (from eng hin aquatics) that were much bigger in diameter. My Filter is now 'boiling' with 6 1/2-1 feet air diffusers. Am waiting for my shipment of Kaldnes K3 media to come in. In the mean time, I'll make do with jap mats and pumice stones. :D
  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2012
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    Bro gdc7688,

    Welcome to the forum.

    What is the depth of the airstones you have placed in the filter chambers? May even be deeper compared to the ones in the filters. My guess is that you have too many airstones for blower's output and the airstones in the pond are too far from the air blower. As the distance to the filter's airstones is so near, the air may have run out of pressure to supply the airstones in the pond. That's why you have a lot of areation in the filter chambers.Try to close 3 or 4 outputs in the filter. Then the air should be coming out from the airstones in the pond.
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  • gdc7688gdc7688 June 2013
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    Hi Guys!

    this is the latest photo of my matured pond. Also, a photo of my improvised version of the kaldnes moving bed filtration system. Thanks! (2).jpg (4).JPG (4)2.JPG
  • mangkellmangkell June 2013
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    <blockquote rel="gdc7688">Hi Guys!

    Hi Bro @gdc7688,

    Nice update... :-D

    After 1 year, how much different the growth between your kois & karp? :-?
    Mickeyko Ducati-Kujamon Chagreemon Brabus#Sexy-Robust
  • gdc7688gdc7688 June 2013
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    Hi Bro @mangkell,

    To be honest growth has been marginal as most of the koi and carp are > 2 years old since transferring them to the new pond.
    Their growth has been limited due to the size of the previous pond. Also, the only real koi I currently own is a chagoi and an ochiba which i acquired late last year. The rest are carp which i still find enjoyable to raise.

    I'm really looking forward to acquiring additional koi in the near future.
  • TomyCTomyC June 2013
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    To maximise the airflow of your air pump, you need to let the air travel through PVC pipe as much as possible before you connect to rubber hoses or air diffusers.

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