Can return defective Kohaku to farm ??
  • wongyengwongyeng May 2012
    Posts: 238
    Go a nice piece of Kohaku 2 months' ago but recently noticed that it has a very small area with lightly faded sumi appearing... wonder if i can return this kohaku or is it a sanke mistaken for a kohaku ?? :)
  • cookcpucookcpu May 2012
    Posts: 462
    You should talk to the farm owner....every farm have different policy. I don't think we are in a position to advise you. IMHO.
  • WilganWilgan May 2012
    Posts: 245
    Most respectable farm would offer a replacement if there is a defect with the koi within a short period of purchase.

    For your case, think it could be difficult as there isn't a defect with the koi and it has been quite sometime after your purchase. Many that bought Shiro may experience stray beni/hi to appear after some months or years. Don't think it is fair to ask the farm to change right?

    You can also perform a surgical removal of the sumi should it really appear. But only if it is on the shiroji side. Maybe you should monitor for awhile more. It could be just a minor injury or water condition which may go away by itself. :)
  • wongyengwongyeng May 2012
    Posts: 238
    Any experienced bros encountered such problem of kohaku having sumi on its shiroji ?
  • MikeMike May 2012
    Posts: 346
    I have a kujaju who is faded within the first month. Im not sure is it the process of growing of a kujaku.
  • Ivanlo24Ivanlo24 May 2012
    Posts: 133
    Kujaku are like that. Once the colour is gone. It is gone forever. A koi dealer once told me that kujaku needs sunlight to maintain the colour
  • spencertanspencertan May 2012
    Posts: 227
    Yo, Ivan!
    Yes you are right. Kujaku requires sunlight to bring out It's best potential.
    In fact, I think all kois require sunlight . 30% sunlight , 70% shade if i am not wrong.
    That kujaku which you saw struggle it's way to Japan, was in my 100% sunlight pond last December til this year and there was definitely a change! The kujaku became so much nicer under the 30% sunlight pond. So my guess would be not too much, not too less, just nice.

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