Nice Female Ginrin Showa For Sale (SG)
  • kutekoikutekoi May 2012
    Posts: 10
    Reducing bioload so have to let go this nice koi from Miyatora.

    Confirmed female and comes with original cert.

    Asking for S$600 and above.

    Currently at Nippon Koi farm koi hotel.

    Please PM me if you wish to view it so that I can make arrangements.


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  • kutekoikutekoi May 2012
    Posts: 10
    Am willing to go down to s$400 but must self collect. Otherwise giving away. Thanks
  • koi888koi888 May 2012
    Posts: 131
    hi bro if you thought of giving away you can consider give to my son just start hobby with nippon farm, have a 20ton rented .
    so is easy for you to see your showa again and my son will take care and groom in nippon can have no worry..
    Do consider thank you.
    Post edited by koi888 at 2012-05-28 01:06:37 pm
  • KekwaKekwa May 2012
    Posts: 261
    Your kohaku looks stunning! Tat one dun wan let me know >:D<
  • kutekoikutekoi May 2012
    Posts: 10
    Hi bro koi888,

    Sorry to burst your bubble, actally I am giving away to friend if can't sell... :)
  • kutekoikutekoi May 2012
    Posts: 10
    Bro Kekwa,

    Thanks for your kind comments. Sorry the kohaku is not for sale :)

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