Koi FOOD with other preservative
  • yy988yy988 May 2012
    Posts: 62
    hi big bros,

    i just wondering any one of you add additional addictive nutrien to the koi FOOD?
    i currently add some refresh powder into the koi food and see some improvement of sumi on some of the koi?
  • spencertanspencertan May 2012
    Posts: 227
    There was a thread by bro "wongyeng" regarding probiotics.
    For me, I add VivaKoi, Miracle Animal, Petfran MultiVitamin, Calcium Tablets, Refresh powder mix together and leave it to soak, after about 15-20 mins then i feed. Really know how to chiong for food after these additives, i am not sure if these are the nutrients you are talking about:P

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