Adding new kois into existing koi ponds
  • wongyengwongyeng May 2012
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    I was told that we should not feed the kois in the existing pond and the new kois kept under quarantine for 2-3 days before we can do the transfer of the new kois into the existing pond... Can anyone verify this ?
  • kominatokominato May 2012
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    Wow ! Punishment for the old kois when they get to meet new ones ? Haha...interesting...
  • JamesJames May 2012
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    The best routine, I think is not just fasting but cleaning of filter for both the ponds too. Here's what I do.

    1. Stop feeding for 2-days for both ponds.
    2. Clean filters for both ponds.
    3. Salt QT.
    4. Leave koi without food for another 2 days minimum (sometimes 1 week) in both ponds.
    5. Transfer.

    But this is just MHO.
  • wongyengwongyeng May 2012
    Posts: 238
    Bro James, your routine is what I m considering doing except for cleaning filter. I will do WC for main pond and leave it another 2 days before transfer. Thanks for the confirmation.
  • ShukriShukri May 2012
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    Bro wongyeng,
    I suggest that you consult Bro Seng Choon as he is the master of quarantining as far as I am concerned. To ensure that the new kois is free from all diseases, it is not as straight forward as many of us might thing. For example what if the new kois have argulus or achorworm or Flukes or Trichodina or Itch....these are parasites. How about fungus? How about bacteria veins, hole in the head or fin rot or mouth rot or internal bacteria infection or slimes or BGD or eye infection or ulcers etc etc.......
    So in your scheme of quarantine measures, you have to nesure that the new kois do not bring any of these diseases.........

    I am not trying to scare you but infections are a possibility and the above are facts..........

    Those that do not quarantine, well they are really lucky when things are OK, but remember!!! Many are also unlucky..........
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  • etanoetano May 2012
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    Much agreed with Bro Shukri. I was lazy to quarantine just once but end up having to medicate the whole for days and more back breaking. My routine is simple...

    Treat in S1 and salt for 10 days (Change water every 2-3 days and top-up S1)
    Treat in Melafix for 3 days (after changing 50% of the water)
    Transfer to pond.

    Feed likely in the process and no feeding 3 days prior to transfer. I did nothing to the main pond but fishes start to flash after transfer, salt the pond. ~ A new koi blog.
  • ShukriShukri May 2012
    Posts: 4,881
    Bro etano, sorry to hear about the lost of your kois due to a power trip when you were away.........You could have left your keys with me and I can run to your house to take a look.....
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  • etanoetano May 2012
    Posts: 471
    No worry bro, I have been long enough in this hobby to recover from such lost quickly. I hope you will have speedy recovery from your accident. ~ A new koi blog.
  • khongkhong May 2012
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    Bro Shukri,

    You mentioned "hole in the head", may I know is this is some type of koi desease and how it looks like?

    Thank you
  • ShukriShukri May 2012
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    Bro khong,
    It is actually small holes in the head caused by bacteria infections........and 'YES' a koi disease.
    I do not have available pictures on the disease but if I find one, I will pose the picture.
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  • wongyengwongyeng May 2012
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    Hole in the Head occurs due to overcrowding and poor water condition. Parrot fishes are most susceptible to them as I have experienced that before. But parrot fishes normally live in really packed in fish tanks and since they also poo and eat alot, unless there is a good water change routine for the parrot tanks, this problem will happen.

    Hole in the head is like having ulcers on the head. Treatment is to bring fish out, scrap off the ulcers and put yellow powder directly on affected areas (again, hv done that before)... not a pleasant experience.

    For kois, I have not encountered such problems before, maybe becos the environment they live in tend to be larger enclosures and I have been doing regular WC even for my pond and FGTs.
  • KaajKaaj May 2012
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    Brother Wong,
    There is surely some good advice by the community here.

    My routine :
    1. If from the dealer, than the fish have surely been quarantined.
    2. PP Bath the fish before being packed and then transport home.
    3. Naturalise the bag with fish for about 30 mins...leaving it floating in the pond.
    4. Move fish into pond, making sure no water from the bag is transferred.
    5. Two nights consecutively, use MG for the pond.
    6. No feeding till MG has dissolved on the third day.
    7. Water change approx 20%
    8. Back to normal.

    So far, touch wood. no problems. Recently, i was informed that Kenkona is a good substitute for MG when introducing new fish to the pond. Cheers
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  • wongyengwongyeng May 2012
    Posts: 238
    Bro Kaaj,
    What is MG ?
  • idrisidris May 2012
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    mine as per below

    1. clean the plastic bag with tap water
    2. fill up half of the my measuring tank with pond water
    3. release the fish in to it
    4. set my quarantine pond with Kenkona(for short bath)
    5. release the koi in to quarantine pond and short bath for 60 min
    6. release the koi to the big pond

    So far so good. Hope nothing bad happend...
  • ashfaqashfaq May 2012
    Posts: 799
    MG Means <B>Malachite Green </B>
    Ashfaq from India-Chennai

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