feeding calcium and vitamin pills
  • kevo0okevo0o April 2012
    Posts: 15
    Maybe a stupid question to ask but my local koi dealer once told me he fed his jumbos vitamins and calcium pills that we humans take daily. Can this really work for kois? I am just wondering.
  • monscinemonscine April 2012
    Posts: 223
    Hi Kevo0o,

    The answer is yes. However you have to concern about the dosage. You can't just give the vitamins to the kois on human's dosage as logically the carp and human have different organs and metabolism process. I ever asked a pharmacist about the dosage for carp. It would be differ from one kind of vitamin with the others. Roughly it's about 1/12 of human's dosage. You should extremely careful estimating the right dosage X_X

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