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  • smokersmoker April 2012
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    Need more lesson from sifus here :)

    I read somewhere, some suggest to put PP regularly even if no problem occur in the pond.
    Seems like it's written to recharge mineral or so...

    If it's recommended, and put in the pond, will it kill the good bacterial community in our biofilter? or we have to bypass our biofilter?

    Is PP recommended ? And what is the dosage of PP for several usage? (treatment, medication, etc?)

    Thanks alot. :)
  • HDCuHDCu April 2012
    Posts: 1,117
    I don't see any reason why one must bomb a healthy pond with PP as PP is a medication and strong oxidizer and no one has studied whether regular bombing will be safe on the long term health of kois. Also, I think most bad bacteria are found in the bio filter that escapes to the pond. If you bypass the bio filter, I don't see the problem of controlling the bad bacteria population but if you bomb also the filter, you reduce also the good bacteria population.

    As an alternative, if only necessary, I do think regular dosage of koizyme and similar products are more effective And safer not only for the kois and the bio filter in order to keep population of bad bacteria at the minimum and reduce the probability of disease.
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  • yy988yy988 April 2012
    Posts: 62
    btw please do not ADD SALT!! b-(
  • smokersmoker April 2012
    Posts: 715
    Thanks bro HDCu and bro yy988.

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