Casualty- Another learning process
  • ikankoikauikankoikau March 2012
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    4 days ago I sighted a few centipedes(big and baby sizes) when I open my pond filter's cover(small pond). I believe there might be one big happy family nearby the filter. The grass was pretty long as my regular grass cuter caught up with other job. Then I saw this bottle contained poison for termite which was left over from previous treatment. I poured what ever left without diluting around the filter chambers.

    On the day I went back to my hometown, I fed the kois but they didn't have much appetite. Thinking something might be wrong, I told my maid not to feed them while I'm away.

    I got back late last night from my hometown. This morning when I wanted to feed my kois, I saw 2 kois(a shiro that won 2nd price recently and my new ochiba) floated belly up :-( Immediately I tested the water and Ammonia and Nitrite was zero from Sera Test Kit. My big shiro(70cm) was in distress. TheN I opened up my filter's cover and I can smell the termite poison and the top wall somehow got trace of the poison. My maid told me that it was raining heavily everyday when I was not around. Then I realized that it could have flooded and the poison that stuck on the grass leaf must have floated into the filter as the filter lip was not that high. Furthermore the grass was long.

    It was a major mistake even tho I will never know that it's going to rain heavily for the next 3 days. Hard lesson learned today.

    Anyway, let me share what happened next. I quickly carry out water change and set up my QT. Once the QT was ready, I net all the kois but the big shiro didn't make it. She died right after I released her in the QT. All the gills of all the kois were affected. The one that died had broken fan with whitish edges. Some kois developed small red spots on their faces.

    I shaded the QT from the morning sun and waited for about 45min for the kois to adapt to the QT water. Then I dosed my Kenkona Koi for treatment.

    I have changed about 50% of the water(without koi) and cleaned the filter and crystal bio on the water fall. Cleaned up all the waste on the floor. Not sure whether I should treat the pond as I'm pretty sure about the cause. But maybe I just treat for one night and carry out another 50% water change tomorrow.

    So far all the kois recovered well. Worried over the big ones. I hope all of us can learn from my mistake. I should have eliminated any risk which might affect the pond & kois.

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  • JeffyJeffy March 2012
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    Hey Borman sorry to hear about your Shiro. I really hope the rest of your kois get better. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Btw this is Ng HT.
  • megatronmegatron March 2012
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    Bro Borman, sorry about your lost.
    Don't ask me why!!!
  • cookcpucookcpu March 2012
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    Bro Borman sad to hear your losses.

    Glad that you share with us what happen. It can happen to any of us too.

    Maybe you should add refresh powder to absolve some chemical residue and then change water to be on the safe side. IMHO.
  • HDCuHDCu March 2012
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    Sorry about your loss bro Ikankoikau,.

    Do you think if your filter contained a bag of activated carbon, the damages done by the poison would have been less or it would not have mattered?

    After reading your warning, I am now thinking of incorporating An activated carbon chamber in the bio filter setup of my new upcoming pond to help remove toxins and poison that may accidentally enter the pond. I now recall this recent new year, there was a lot of fireworks near my place that there was a like a explosive sulfur fog that lasted for hours. When I checked my pond there was even an firecracker residues on the bottom of the pond. The kois were all parking and had no appetite. After massive water change, they were ok.
  • kominatokominato March 2012
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    A good learning lesson for all. Thank you bro.
  • farikfarik March 2012
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    Sorry for your're lucky bro.. got one member lost his whole pond after his garderner sprayed some insectiside near the pond and it rained .... he was away for only 4 hrs....the whole pond gone....
    Hope all your kois makes a full recovery.
  • nocturnalnocturnal March 2012
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    ADOI... sorry 4 ur lost Capt
    pray that the rest will be ok [-O<
  • smokersmoker March 2012
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    sorry to hear that bro. this can happen to all of us.
    hope the rest will get well soon. thanks for sharing this hard lesson for all of us.
  • ikankoikauikankoikau March 2012
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    Thanks for all your pray, kind and soothing words. This is one thing about this forum which will never absent, sharing each other misfortune. Thanks guys.
    Actually the probability for it to happen is very slim. But when a few errors cumulated, something bad will happen.

    So far the remaining kois are recovering well in the QT. Just checked on them 10mins ago and it seemed that the red spots on their heads and around gill area has gone. Another big shiro which was lethargic this afternoon was more active just now. As for the pond, since there is no koi inside, I have treated with Kenkona using short bath dosage(which is a big no no for long bath). But looking at these 3 days slow poisoning(without me around), yes bro Farik, I'm lucky :-) I'm lucky too bcoz it didn't happen to my go sanke pond....hahaha...

    Bro HDCu, active carbon might help on certain cases. Like mine, I'm not pretty sure. But certainly it's good to have.

    Bro Jeffy(Ng HT), it looks like this incident has pulled out the very 1st post out of you. Welcome bro.

    Bro cookcpu(W), I might just try that tomorrow after the partial water change. Maybe it will turn out to be like a mud pond ;-)

  • idrisidris March 2012
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    Bro captain...I'm sorry for ur lost...I know how it feel..can't say more...hope everything get better soon...
  • KoiBeginnerKoiBeginner March 2012
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    Sorry for your lost bro, hope your other kois will be in shape as soon as possible :)
  • ikankoikauikankoikau March 2012
    Posts: 1,053
    Thanks brudders,
    They are recovering well. It looks like I got to anxiously wait for the next shiro shipment to replace them :-) And maybe another a year or two to see whether it has a strong body.
  • JeffyJeffy March 2012
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    Bro good to hear that the rest of yr kois are improving, must be because of yr magic potion. Btw tried yr 'magic potion' after 30% water change ( clean my all my filter chambers) n none of them seem to be flashing. Cun bro.
  • cetaycetay March 2012
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    Sorry to hear about your incident... Good to know that the koi are recovering well. Thanks for sharing too, bro.
  • pandaipandai March 2012
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    Sorry to hear about your devastating lost. As in life; for every mistake, there also lies an opportunity to learn an improve ourself - in this case, we also got to see the real power of your magic potion! We hope for speedy recovery for all the surviving kois.
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  • kumarishnakumarishna March 2012
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    This is why Captain is one of the 'SIFU' in this hobby. =D>
    This hobby is a continuous learning process and Captain willing to share his experience and pre-amp others so that we did not fall under the same mistakes and if happens....we know what to do next.

    Thanks for the sharing captain and may the other koi fully recovered.
  • AnuarAnuar March 2012
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    Capt, sorry for your loss and thanks for sharing....

    I have been taking my bimonthly Rentokil treatment quite lightly in the past, and have been overconfident that the poison will not seep into the pond... I think I will now skip the pond perimeter.
  • JamesJames March 2012
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    Capt, sad to hear of your loss. Pretty painful experience... Brighter side, buying can be aggressive again... :-D
  • ashfaqashfaq March 2012
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    Brother ikankoikau, sorry for your loss.
    Now you have additional space to add new Koi :)
    Ashfaq from India-Chennai
  • kominatokominato March 2012
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    Bro ikankoikau, my sympathies, after having lost several kois over the last few days to my carlessness of a different kind.
  • ikankoikauikankoikau April 2012
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    Sorry for missing this forum for a day(or two). A bit busy with family matters.

    Thanks again for your concern and encouragement to "buy" again :-D As for the affected kois, they will be released into the pond tomorrow. Much better looking as days go by.

    Btw bro Kumar, I'm still far from the sifu level. Very far bro. Bro kominato, sorry for your lost. I hope things are under control now. Mind sharing your story?
  • lautslauts April 2012
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    Bro Capt,

    Good to hear things are back in order.

    Bro Kominato,
    I read of your misfortune in another thread. Chlorine does not de gas well so safer/easier to just add antichlorine and test if unsure. I cleaned by QT 400lit tank yesterday morning completely and added new water without de chlor. It has 2 airstone running and one 1500 lit/hrs powerhead with venturi. This morning after running 24hrs , i tested for chlorine, find chlorine still present.

  • kominatokominato April 2012
    Posts: 408
    After losing 6 medium to large kois over last 4 days, have started adding salt to my pond upon advise from JK koi here. I have never added salt before. Strongly suspect the bacteria that caused my kois to flush red came from the floating water lettuce that I took from neighbour to add to my filter box for better filtration !. The attack came 2 to 3 days later.

    Should I continue maintaining this salt in my pond?
  • 4r4sis4r4sis April 2012
    Posts: 66
    thats where kenkona should be come in the way sorry for the loss bro kominato and capt..hard to gain knowledge in the hardest way possible...

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