Update on my 2010 Jumbo Tosais - Pls Comment
  • sleepymansleepyman March 2012
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    Dear Koi-kichis

    As a new hobbyist, its always an excitement to see my first batch of tosais blossom under my care..

    Last year, there was a "Jumbo Tosai" rush and I was one those who caught the fever.
    These are kois born in the period of June - Aug 2010. Hence, Nisai of about 18-20 months old?
    They are all bought from 1 farm in sg.

    You know, I'm guilty of one thing.. Underfeeding :( Due to busy work schedule, I only feed them 1/2 times a day

    Here they are!

    First Up,

    1st up, Maruyama showa.
    Video taken in the farm during selection.. (abt 40cm)

    Now at 60cm..

    Like her the most cuz she feeds from my hand!
    Your comments will be most welcome :)

    Next, an Isa Showa,
    She is one of the smaller during selection.. (abt 38cm)

    She was selected for her pattern for her similarity to..

    Haha :P

    Now, at 58cm, her sumi has consolidated, beni slightly better..

    What will her future hold?

    Lastly, a Murata Kohaku,

    a very tame feeder, swims away when food is thrown towards her!

    Here's her video during selection..

    now, at 59cm..

    Frankly, I've placed much hopes on her!

    Any feedback on their growth and potential will be much appreciated.. thanks!
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  • ShukriShukri March 2012
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    Bro Sleepyman, hope that you are awaken by your Isa Showa......this is a good piece. If enter in the upcoming Show, I am quite sure will win sometime one!!! If I have to find fault with this piece, only that the Beni is a bit weak especially in the middle of the fish. You should have feed the fish KAW KAW with color food!!!

    Nice Showa bro........ Please PM me what price did you fork up for the fish...... :-D
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  • sleepymansleepyman March 2012
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    Thanks for your kind comments!
    Most hobbyists prefer Kindai Showas recently.. thanks for appreciating her!

    I think the image link isnt working.. here's her "sister" (i wish)

    I dont think I can bulk her much more due to my feeding schedule :(

    Any bros wanna "take over" to groom her? For sale to a better owner, yes.
  • vinsonchuavinsonchua March 2012
    Posts: 163
    Good stuff you have there, Sleepyman. I like both your showa esp. your maruyama.
  • Jason_SGJason_SG April 2012
    Posts: 69
    Hi Jason will they be going to this year Singapore NHA?

  • sleepymansleepyman April 2012
    Posts: 102
    Hey bro, may I know you are?

    They wont be competing in NHA, but will send other kois to the event :D

    Btw, hand got itchy and brought up my Murata again for a better video!

    Does her a little more justice this time I hope!

    Will anyone be interested to take over the ISA showa for $800? Female 20 months old @ 58bu. PM me!
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  • snowlionsnowlion April 2012
    Posts: 248
    Haha....Jason...frightened or surprised?
    Now we have another Singapore Jason in this forum....

    No one can fake that "Sleepy" image....of yours

    No hard feelings....
  • KekwaKekwa April 2012
    Posts: 261
    Good body, but seems like a lot of secondary Hi.....

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