Pond Visit (by monitor lizard aka biawak)
  • mosquitomosquito October 2010
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    Dear all,

    The first pond visit took place last Sunday afternoon. The not so big (about 2 to 3 feet) lizard was found sitting next to the pond checking out my kois (probably saying that they are quite ugly). I chased it with a broom and it took off diving into the manhole.

    The second encounter happened last few days ago, last Tuesday. I got a call from home saying that the same sucker was doing some laps on the water feature swimming back and forth. That was on the first tier of the feature then it moved down the second tier right above the pond level and finally when I heard it started licking the pond water !!

    I immediately ran out of the office like a mad man, jumped into my car and drove home as fast as I could. When I reached home the lizard had already left maybe the water was too salty imagine the fish !! lol.... I guess it's not a big fan of salted fish :) With some help the same lizard was captured that afternoon, bagged and taken away. I just hope I don't have his brothers and sisters to deal with. Does anyone have any similar encounters before?
  • M_ZAINM_ZAIN October 2010
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    May be the Lizard is not after the Kois......it could be after the 'Mosquito' woh...... ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

    Bro next time you should show this to the Lizard.... (mooning) (mooning) (mooning)


    M. Zain
    +6019 333 3675
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  • lautslauts October 2010
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    Sometime back i had similar experience with a baby monitor, not big abt 1-1.5ft. Chased it , the fella jumped into my pump chamber, last thing i saw , shreads of meat and skin in water. The other half have to extricate from pump bottom opening :-O
    not pretty. Monitor lizard soup ....

    Now there is a huge mama lurking around outside the house , one time came into the house and the maid called saying i have a crocodile in my house . No joke , true story. I am surrounded by lakes and ponds here.

    Bro Zain , careful in the water , besides the karashi , you need to worry abt the 'biawak' getting a mouthful ^^


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  • mosquitomosquito October 2010
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    Bro Zain,

    cannot be after me la.... but if I moon the lizard, maybe it come back for more lor... Lol.... So far so good no signs of it's family which is good.
  • mosquitomosquito October 2010
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    Bro TS,

    I was told to lay fish netting with 1" to 2" holes around the pond area like mouse traps. So if the lizard happens to step into one, it will sure get tangled up when it struggles. Then you can make lizard soup for all.... j/k.
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  • farikfarik October 2010
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    If the encounter gets worse this remedy worked for me but it was for frogs....sometimes the lizard also visits as i have a big monsoon drain in front of the house....sprinkle the surrounding area of the pond with chilli powder....I had to do this a few times a month then you can see the frogs population reducing...now zero...if not when it rains i will have a full pond of them backstroking and having a karaoke session.I guess the chili powder gets into their eyes just like the pepper spray...but every time it rains kena sprinkle again loh.
  • mosquitomosquito October 2010
    Posts: 26
    Bro Farik,

    Thanks for sharing I guess this will be one of my options if it continues to happen.
  • megatronmegatron October 2010
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    I will be preparing curry powder for biawak curry......ya......
    Don't ask me why!!!
  • ShukriShukri October 2010
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    OK, I will watch you all cook and eat...........hehehehe
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