koi laying on their side during late fall
  • dianediane January 2012
    Posts: 1
    Live in Canada and as temperature dropped this late fall to below zero C, our Koi started laying on their side at the bottom of the pond. As soon as we brought them into the heated garage they were fine. The only thing we did different this year from other years is we treated the algae more aggressively and enjoyed clearer pond water. Any ideas so we can again keep our koi overwinter in pond again as we have in other years. We have a 4,000 gallon pond.
  • KevinKevin January 2012
    Posts: 73
    Hi Diane. What did u put the koi in when you brought them into the garage? I believe you had a dissolved oxygen problem due to the reduced sunlight (so minimal photosynthesis) but because of your aggressive treating of algae, decomposition was at a maximum which probably sucked more oxygen out of the water. Your pond is a good size, is it aerated? What aeration do you use and what is your water change schedule like?

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