Koi Pond Rental - Malaysia
  • sivakoisivakoi January 2012
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    Hi All,

    I have searched through this forum and found no discussion on this matter. By any chance are there any pond rentals available in Malaysia. I read from other sites there are such places in Singapore due to space contstraints and other factors.

    As for Malaysia I can't seem to find any. Due to the limitations of space within one's pond sometime we will not be able to purchase too many koi's therefore the wish to have another pond becomes a necessity but no space.
  • ShukriShukri January 2012
    Posts: 4,881
    Those that have mud ponds surely can arrange something for you...... :-D
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  • yamakoshiyamakoshi January 2012
    Posts: 1,621
    Dear Sivakoi

    Greetings from Yamakoshi!

    In regards to your subject matter "Koi Pond Rental",we are glad to inform you that Yamakoshi does facilitate Pond Rental to our Koi Hobbyist in our Penang as well as our KL Koi Center.

    I believe, Mr Mah has just contacted you recently to explain to you our Pond Rental / Nursery arrangement.

  • sivakoisivakoi January 2012
    Posts: 106
    Yes indeed he has. It's indeed good news and looking forward for it once it is ready. I'm hoping the prices would be fair and accomodatitive to the hobbiests.

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