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  • cetaycetay October 2010
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    Hi Koi Kichi,
    It has been a pleasure reading and learning from this forum.
    I just started this hobby earlier this year and has been gaining lots of knowledge from the bros here.
    Thought I should start sharing as well and get involve.

    I will start off with a couple of sanke that I got. At this moments, I can only afford to play with tosai...

    1. Sakai Farm - got this in May @ 21cm. Now it is about 34cm.
    2. Matsunosuke Farm - got this in July @ 25cm. Now it is 30cm.

    Will share a few more later...



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  • M_ZAINM_ZAIN October 2010
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    Hi Cetay,

    Nice Looking Fishy you got leh...

    M. Zain
    +6019 333 3675
  • ShukriShukri October 2010
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    Welcome Cetay,
    Not bad looking fishes for relatively someone new in the hobby. I am glad that you have decided to join in. What is prominent in the two kois are the large head and mouth, potentially will grow big going forward. How big is your pond?
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  • cetaycetay October 2010
    Posts: 139
    Hi Bro Zain & Shukri,
    Thanks for your comments & welcome. Am still new to this hobby so trying to learn as much from you guys la...
    I only have a 2 tons pond at this moment. But since I got bitten by this bug, been thinking of expanding my pond (just like almost everyone here, I guess). Hopefully I can get it done by year end.

    Here are 2 more koi to share;

    1. Isa Showa - this koi has a thinning hi, maybe growing a little too fast. Got it in Jun @ 23cm. Now it is 35cm.
    2. Miyako Shiro (not very sure if I got the name for this farm correct...)- Got it in July @ 20cm. Now it is 29cm.



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  • etanoetano October 2010
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    Hi Cetay, welcome to this wonderful hobby. The first sanke is not bad but try to improve the beni with a bit of color feed. The shiro can be a nice fish too depends on how tiny dots of sumi (shimi) appears in the future, at moment it look a little bit 'dirty'.
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  • cetaycetay October 2010
    Posts: 139
    Hi Etano,
    Thanks... For the first sanke, actually the beni has been improving day by day. I started feeding Excel last month sparingly. It was quite weak when I first got it. As for the Shiro, yeah I agreed that it look a bit 'dirty' now. I am hoping that it will clean up after some time. It look worst when I got it. Have a look at the pic...

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