Which Hour is Best to Administer Medications into Our Pond?
  • M_ZAINM_ZAIN October 2010
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    Dear Bros...

    Has any 1 of you ever wonder which is the Best Hour to Administer Medications into Our Pond?

    As we know, most Instructions on any Medication alway states that to 'Switch OFF' UV Lights, as the UV would actually 'Breaks Down' the compositions of the Medications.

    Malachite Green is even more Sensitive, Instructions even States that 'Pond Lightings' must be OFF.

    Through my Experience UV Lights are Man Made & it can be easily 'Switch OFF' by 'Click' of the Switch.

    Most Koi Kichis' don't Realize, about the UV above Our Heads which is the SUN....cannot be 'Switch OFF'.

    So.....If, Medications are Administered in the Day, I would strongly presume that the Compositions would Definitely being 'Broken' down by the UV Rays from the SUN. Thus, Resulting the Medications not as Effective as it Should be to Cure & Eliminate what ever it is Suppose to DO.

    That's why sometimes we do see Grouses from Fellow Koi Kichis Bros, saying that they have Administered ( What ever Medications ) & the Problem on their Beautiful Koi still Persist.

    What's my Point.....Hmmmmm......

    My Theory is Simple,....Please Administer your Medications After 6:00pm in the Evening to Avoid the UV from Breaking Down the Compositions of Your Medications.

    I've been doing it with What Ever Medications whcih need to be Administered into The Pond.

    All Kichis are welcome to Comments.....whether my Theory is Logical....^_^

    M. Zain
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  • ShukriShukri October 2010
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    Bro M Zain, I can see the rationale of your observation and conclusion. I too for most o the time, medicate my pond during the night, reason being because it is after office hours and it is cool and more relaxing at night.
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  • AndySittAndySitt October 2010
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    hmm make sense but sometimes after we administer the medicine, some fishes might jump.. especially when treating flukes. I used to administer medicine after work and the fish jump out at night. So I was advised to put medicine first thing in the morning.. Even if fish jump out can still see.... and put it back..
  • M_ZAINM_ZAIN October 2010
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    Bro Andy,

    I know the Problem too, esp medicating at Night but you can't have the Best of Both World.

    Day time chances of Medication 'Break Down' due to UV & Night Time need to Sleep.....hahahaha

    That's why I always said...keeping China Doll is Easier.....hehehe

    The worse is when I'm PPing the Pond, I'll stay Up till 2am....yawnnnnnn

    There's another 'Trick' you all should know to Prevent your Fish from Jumping Out of the Pond.......only on Need to Know Basis.....^_^


    M. Zain
    +6019 333 3675
  • koikitkoikit October 2010
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    I think best is when not soo strong sunlight or no direct sunlight.. If u hv to pp at 6pm soo as bro zain said hv to wait 2am..

    I think uv from sunlight less strong after 4pm, as long as no direct expose to sun treatment shud b ok, just my opinion..
  • M_ZAINM_ZAIN October 2010
    Posts: 209
    Bro Kit,

    Agreed with you,....after 4pm is ok but after 6pm would be very much better.

    M. Zain
    +6019 333 3675

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