Limited space for filtration system
  • weihanweihan December 2011
    Posts: 318
    Hi all brothers, I'm currently building a new pond, but I only have 10feet x 10 feet space, can anyone help me or advise me
    On the design of the filter system?
  • ChengAunChengAun December 2011
    Posts: 925
    Bakki shower as main filter?
    Be updated in the world of koi. Jangankan seperti "Koi di bawah bottom drain"
  • kominatokominato December 2011
    Posts: 408
    you can allocate 2feet width or 20% to the filter, i.e 2 x 10 , so you still have 8 x 10 for your kois.
  • harryyewharryyew December 2011
    Posts: 396
    Bro weihan

    May I know you are building your new pond beside the car porch driveway area or the side of the house or at the backyard?

  • weihanweihan December 2011
    Posts: 318
    Sorry guys, I mean the space for filter is 10 x 10 feet. Btw, contractor have settle the problem for me. Thanks guys will update the pond after it is ready.

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