Killifish Eggs and Plant shipping method

So you want to trade Killifish eggs or small plants? How do you ship them and ensure they get there safely? How do I ship them cheaply?
In this article I will discuss my methods for shipping Killifish eggs and Plants.

First things first.

Collect your Killifish eggs and put them on peat moss in a zip lock bag with collection date and the scientific name of the fish. Make sure who ever receives your eggs knows the hatch date, not everyone that gets them will know when to re-wet the peat and hatch their new pets. It just saves the hassle of them complaining that they did not know or they all hatched but they died within a day. Then take old newspaper and wrap the eggs in multiple layers. Tape them sides shut to keep it wrapped. Then take a hand warmer and wrap it in a small amount of newspaper then tape it to the wrapped Killifish eggs. Then wrap both the hand warmer and the Killifish eggs together in newspaper and tape it shut. Then put in a small flat rate box which can be gotten from your local USA Post Office. Currently the smallest one is $4.95 to ship flat rate in the USA. Put the address on and ship it out to whoever you need to send them to.

To ship small plants Collect your plants and wrap them in a moist paper towel and put them in a zip lock bag. From there follow the above instructions for shipping Killifish eggs but replace the Killifish eggs with your plant. That is all you have to do.

Only activate the hand warmer right before you ship as they only last about 10 hours. It states on the package that if you shake the hand warmer again it will warm up again so the bumps and shaking involved in shipping should make it reheat a little bit and last longer. If you can get fish shipping heat packs that would be best but when you can’t get them you can use this method. I would not recommend using this method with live fish. I have never tried it with live fish but for plants and eggs this will work wonderfully. So give it a try.