Northern Hogsucker

Common Name: Northern Hogsucker
Latin Name: Hypentelium nigricans
Origin: Pennsylvania, USA
Temperature: coldwater(can be kept tropical,althoghe not recomened as they often will not eat)
Ease Of Keeping: Medium-Hard
Aggressivness: Peacfull but can be aggresive,usualy passive.
Lighting: dim to bright
Adult Size: 2 feet
Minimum Tank Size: 70 gallon
Feeding: Tubifex worms when small,as they grow,they will need larger food,eventualy small crayfish
Spawning Method: Unknown
Comments: I have one of these fish,they get two feet long,prefer quick moving streams,make sure its a sandy or small substrate,as they pick under the sand for there food.These are great fish,if you can keep them.Identifying them is not hard,look for a small(Usually)fish with a ridged head.they prop themselves up using there frontal fins,they are silvery and shiny,with brown saddles extending down there body,usualy three lines,and a downword pointing mouth,like a Pl*cos but adapted for bottom feeding.