Keyhole Cichlids

Common Name: Keyhole Cichlid

Latin Name: Aequidens maronii

Origin: South America

Temperature: 75ºF to 81ºF (25-27°C)

Ease Of Keeping: Easy-Intermediate

Aggressivness: For a cichlid very peacful but don’t trust it with fish under 2 inches. But dont go and put it with larger more agressive Cichlids.
I like to keep mine with rainbows and Silver Dollars

Lighting: Keep lighting subdued

Adult Size: 4-5 inches males get slightly larger

Minimum Tank Size: I would say 10 gallons for a single fish but a 30 could hold about 4 of these beauties

Feeding: aquatic insects, worms, flakes, pellets

Spawning Method: Place several young so there is a higher chance for a pair don’t be surprised if they eat their first brood feed roftiers and baby brine shrimp. The parents may continue their care for the fry for up to six months.

Comments: Generaly a very peacful fish they do enjoy lots of plants, drift wood and caves. Their color is slightly drab but have a great personaity. Awsume for the cichlid lover with a small tank.