Celestial Pearl Danio

Common Name: Celestial Pearl Danio
Latin Name: Celestichthys margaritatus
Origin: South East Asia, Burma
Temperature: 68-78 degrees
Ease Of Keeping: Fairly Easy, will do well in ph from 6-8
Aggressivness: easy going
Lighting: Does well in all lighting but prefers subdued lighting created by floating plants
Adult Size: .75′-1′
Minimum Tank Size: 5 gallons
Feeding: Crushed flake food, brine shrimp, daphnia, tubiflex worms
Spawning Method: egg scatterer

Comments: This fish is relatively easy to keep so long as it isn’t kept with agressive fish and voracious feeding fish.

Females have a black spot above their urogenital pore and are less colorful. Males have deeper colors and their anal fin has a black hue with an orange line in the middle. To spawn condition males and females in separate tanks for 2 weeks. Celestial Pearl Danio Feed them heavily on live foods. The spawning tank should be covered with java moss and shouldn’t be larger than 10 gallons. Introduce a male and female in the afternoon and don’t feed them because their waste can harm the eggs. The next morning is when they will most likely spawn. The eggs look like small shards of glass and they can lay up to 30. If they haven’t spawned you can either leave them in the tank another night or remove them and try another pair. I have also found that they will readily spawn in the community aquarium but the chances of fry survival is greatly reduced.

Overall the celestial pearl danio has great personality and is a beautiful addition to any peaceful tank.