Goldfish F.A.Q

What are the 2 main groups of goldfish?
The easiest way to categorise goldfish is to put them into 2 main groups: “tank suitable goldfish” and “pond suitable goldfish”. Tank suitable goldfish are usually the egg-shaped double-tailled variety like the fantails, veiltails, ranchus, ryukins, demekins, moors, orandas, pearlscales, tosakins, telescope eye, celestials, pom poms, bubble eyes, eggfish.

Pond suitable fish are the slim-bodied single tailed goldfish like the commons, comets and shubunkins. It is not suitable to put the pond goldfish in a tank, unless you have at least 150 gallons for them to swim around in. As well as these single tailed pond goldfish, there are 2 double tailed varieties: wakins and jikins. Some double tailed egg shaped goldfish mentioned above can be placed in the pond aswell (fantails, veiltails, ranchus, demekins, moors, orandas).

Whats the minimum size tank for a goldfish?
It is best to get the largest tank possible..just because 15 gallons of water is suitable for one goldfish, it doesn’t mean that it is a minimum tank size for them. If you would like to keep goldfish, consider getting at least a 40 gallon tank so that you can house 2 goldfish together. They prefer the company Smiley

How many gallons per goldfish?
For the tank goldfish group, a minimum of 15 gallons per goldfish is suitable. However, if you chose to put any fish in a tank from the pond group, they need at least 55 gallons per goldfish to stay happy. Smiley

ed: a 10 gal tank is still far too small for a egg-shaped double tailed goldfish…please remember that goldfish are the decendant of the carp and are also very messy fish that require at least 15 gallons per goldfish (best 20gal per goldfish).

Why so much space for a goldfish?
Goldfish are massive waste producers – even those tiny ones! Goldfish have no stomachs, so basically what they eat goes out. This fouls the water very quickly! Goldfish also grow very large and fast! – up to 10″ for the “tank group” and around 18″ for the “pond group”. The tiny goldfish have the potential to grow almost full size within the first 2 years of their life. If goldfish are not kept in a large enough tank, stunting will result. Basically, stunting is when the outside of the fish stopps growing, while the insides continue to grow…as you can imagine, this is rather uncomfortable for the fish and will lead to many problems and eventually death.

What goldfish are suitable for a tank?
Tank suitable goldfish are usually the egg-shaped double-tailled variety like the fantails, veiltails, ranchus, ryukins, demekins, moors, orandas, pearlscales, tosakins, telescope eye, celestials, pom poms, bubble eyes, eggfish. The Ranchus, pearlscales, tosakins, telescope eye, celestials and bubble eyes have special requirements and are not suitable for beginners or ponds.

How big do goldfish get?
“tank suitable group”: 8″-10″
“pond suitable group”: approx 18″

what is the goldfish’s lifespan?
Give a goldfish a proper home and diet, and they shall live for around 20 years! Smiley

Why is it unsuitable to put goldfish in bowls?
Bowls are simply way too small for any goldfish – even the tiny ones! First of all, goldfish need at least 15 gallons with heavy filtration and airation. Bowls are very hard to filter and airate, so therefore the waste build-up would be phenominal! With waste in the water, the goldfish would get very sick and will not live a very long life…since they produce lots of waste which contains ammonia, giving them much more room will ensure that there is no ammonia build up which will keep goldfish happy Smiley

Bowls also don’t have much surface area at the top. This means that the water wont be oxygenated enough and the goldfish will be gasping for air. Basically the goldfish is being suffocated. if you get a “goldfish kit” bowl, please keep in mind that these are very cruel in inhumane and your goldfish will be suffereing in it.

What’s the best set-up for a goldfish tank?
An ideal setp for a goldfish tank would be at least a 40 gal for 2 goldfish.

Do goldfish need a heater?
No. Goldfish are strictly coldwater fish and do not require a heater.

What other fish can I put with my goldfish?
Provided you have enough room, you can house goldfish with white clouds, rosy red minnows, trenches and other coldwater fish. Never EVER house goldfish with tropical fish! They both have different requirements to survive

What are the best decorations for a goldfish tank?
The best decorations are anything that the fish cannot scratch itself on, choke on, or get stuck in. To test if something is not too rough, run some panty hose over the item. If the pantyhose runs, then it is not suitable for the tank.

****What plants can I put in my goldfish tank?
Information provided by Littlemousling:
The short answer is, nearly any healthy plant. But they’ll eat absolutely any unhealthy plant, even anubias. Thriving plants are tough and hard to injure; weak plants are soft and yummy, basically. So the best plants for a goldfish tank are the plants that can and will thrive in your tank, though I’d stay away from famously edible ones like Rotala macranda. Otherwise, use whatever works. The most common good ones, though, include crypts, anacharis, anubias, swords, grassy types like sagittaria, hardy stem plants like B. monnieri and the various Hygros

Also, stay away from any small leaved plants

I’ve got goldfish in a tank that is too small! What do I do?
First of all, get yourself a rubbermaid container that gives each of your goldfish 15 gallons each. This is very inexpensive and is suitable to house the fish in until you purchase a propper tank for them. If you are unable to purchase them the temporary home or the propper home, it is best to think of the fish and return them to the LFS or give/sell them to someone that can provide a propper home for them Smiley

How often should I change the water on my goldfish tank?
It is always best to change at least 30% weekly on a goldfish tank. Some people change this much twice a week.

Can I cycle my tank with goldfish?
Absolutely not! Goldfish are not at all hardy, so putting them through the cycling process will stress them out making them more vulnerable to diseases. if you need to cycle your tank, please do so fishlessly or use hardy fish such as danios.

What are the more common types of goldfish available?
The most commong goldfish available are fantails, veiltails, ranchus, ryukins, demekins, moors, orandas, pearlscales, tosakins, telescope eye, celestials, pom poms, bubble eyes, commons, comets and shubunkins.

What were goldfish developed from?
Goldfish were selectively bred from the Gibel Carp in China and were later introduced t the rest of the world.

Where are goldfish from?
Goldfish are native to China.

What are the goldfish colour types?
There are several colour types:
Black, white, calico, blue, chocolate, albino, gold, bronze, yellow, red, orange and a combination of any of these. Goldfish scales can either be metallic, nacreous (mother of pearl dull sheen), or matt.

Help! My goldfish is sick! What do I do?
First of all, do all your goldfish have the same symptoms? If so, how severe is it? Do some research online. Post questions on a forum like this one to find out what is wrong with your fish. When you have the diagnosis, either isolate the sick goldfish and treat alone (if only one is showing symptoms), or treat the whole tank.