Black Shark

Latin Name : Morulius chrysophekadion
Origin : Southeast Asia
Temperature : 72-82°F (22-28°C)
Ease Of Keeping : average
Aggressivness : mildly aggressive; may nip slow moving fish.
Lighting : doesn’t matter
Adult Size : 18 inches or more (45cm)
Minimum Tank Size : 55 gallons bare minimum, the bigger the better
Feeding : This fish will eat anything, it will also scavenge for leftovers.

Comments : A very interesting fish to keep if you have a big enough aquarium. I think this fish is beautiful, I love the jet black color. You will need a good filtration system as this fish gets messier the bigger it grows. You can keep it in a semi- aggressive community, but no long finned or slow fish. It will also eat tiny fish. I’ve seen big specimens of this fish housed with pacus, oscars, and datinodes with no problem.