Dwarf Merry Widow – Phallichthys tico

Common Name: Dwarf Merry Widow

Latin Name: Phallichthys tico

Origin: Guatemala and Panama

Temperature: 68 – 83°F (20-28°C)

Ease of Keeping: Easy

Agressivness: Easy going non-aggressive fish

Size: Females 1½ inches (3.75cm) Males smaller. A tiny fish.

Minimum Tank Size: 5 gallon

Food: Any good quality fish foods will do, but adults and fry alike love baby brine shrimp.

Spawning: The Dwarf Merry Widow is a livebearer. The females will drop between 20 to 60 fry every 4 to 5 weeks.

The Dwarf Merry Widow is a pretty little fish, easy to keep and spawn and causes no trouble with tankmates. This is an excellent fish for a small planted tank, they will eat the algae but leave the plants alone.
What more could you want?