Head and Tail Light Tetra

Common Name: Head and Tail Light Tetra
Latin Name: Hemigrammus ocellifer/ Hemigrammus ocellifer falsus(Both are found in the hobby under the same name)
Origin: Rivers and tributaries of South America
Temperature: Not Critical: 65°-84°F (18°C-28°C)
Ease Of Keeping: Easy
Aggressivness: Peaceful
Lighting: Not critical ,but low light will show of the fish’s color.
Adult_Size: 1.5in-2in (3.8cn-5cm)
Minimum Tank Size: 15 gallon
Feeding: Flakes, Freeze dried foods, brine shrimp, they also like peas.
Spawning Method: Egg Scatter

The Head and Tail light tetra is a very hardy fish and is a great fish for beginners. Head And Tail Light Tetras are a schooling fish so they should be kept in groups of six or more. They will thrive in almost any water conditions but, soft and slightly acidic water is best for breeding them. Females will be larger with rounded bellies filled with eggs and males will be smaller and more slender in shape. Males may become nippy toward females so try to keep a few more females then males. They are great tank mates for most other schooling Tetras and community fish, but larger carnivorous fish should be avoided as tank mates. Provide open swimming space as well as plants and driftwood for places to hide.