Black-Bellied Limia

Latin Name: Limia melanogaster

Adult Size: 5cm (2 inches) males very slightly smaller.

Ease Of Keeping: Very Easy

Community Fish: Yes, very peaceful.

Origin: Jamaica

Aquarium Requirements: Optimal conditions would be just about any clean water with a temperature of around 25 C (77F). Brackish conditions are acceptable, but not required. They will thrive in any well-maintained aquarium.

Feeding: Black-bellied Limias will eat just about any standard aquarium fish foods with gusto.

Additional Notes: Livebearer. Spawning is extremely easy, very prolific, and do not eat thier fry. But these fish are not tolerant of overcrowded tanks so some provision for relocating the fry should be arranged beforehand.

Their beautiful coloration including the blue sparkles will come out in good light. These very active fish will make a nice display in a well planted tank.