Iridescent Shark 2

Common Name: Iridescent Shark
Latin Name: Pangasium sutchi
Origin: Asia / Korea
Temperature: 75-80°F (24-27°C)
Ease Of Keeping: Hard!
Aggressivness: Very easy going
Adult Size: 1 to 4ft
Minimum Tank Size: 50 Gallon
Feeding: omnivore

Comments: If I had known more about these fish, I probably would have never gotten them!

Unknowing to how big they’d get, I bought a 10gallon tank–which is fine, for now. Apparently, they can grow up to 4ft when given enough space, but in captivity they get from 8-12inches, which is good news I guess. Also, it takes them a while to reach this size, so I’ll have a while to get a much larger tank.

But I will say–for sharks, they get along excellently with the other fish! That said, they’re actually afraid of the other fish, both whom are about 1/4 their size. Whenever I go to turn on / off the light, feed the fish, take something out of the water, clean the tank, or do most anything, they swim around in mindless fright! After the smaller one went as far as to try to burry his head between the wall / rocks / a plan, I decided to add a small glass to their tank, which I covered up with rocks. I’m going to be lucky if I ever see either fish again.

They’re also very prone to physical damage. Since they’re very shy fish with very poor eyesite, they’ve been known to ram into the tank in mindless fright. Although I’ve heard stories of the fish hitting the sides of the tank so hard they’ve hurt or even killed themselves, that thankfully hasn’t happened to me yet. Instead, one has a small / shallow cut on his stomach, from trying to swim under a plant, and instead injured himself on a rock.

Although I heard the sharks are supposed to be very hungry fish, they’re usually too afraid to leave their corner to go eat. They supposedly also have a good sense of smell–yet neither can find the food in front of them?

All in all, this is a warning–if you’re a beginner or want a fish that will look good in your living room, these are NOT the fish for you. There isn’t enough info on the internet for you to really be able to understand these fish, and I’m telling you now, although I love my little sharks, I wish I had gotten something easier!