Poeciliopsis prolifica

Adult Size: 3.5cm (1 ¼ in.) long for females, males smaller. A very tiny fish.

Ease Of Keeping: Very Easy

Community Fish: Yes, very peaceful.

Origin: Coastal Central America, North to Mexico

Aquarium Requirements: Optimal conditions would be just about any clean water with a temperature of about 25 C (77F).
Brackish conditions are acceptable, but not required. They will thrive in any well-maintained aquarium.

Food for prolifica would include baby brine shrimp, micro worms, grindal worms and flake foods.

Additional Notes: Poeciliopsis prolifica is a tiny livebearing fish. Rare in the hobby. Spawning is extremely easy, these fish drop fry regularly like Heterandria formosa. Once you get a pair you’ll have a tank full in no time. They shine under good light and will make a nice display in a well planted tank.