Wardley Essentials Bullseye 7.0

You have heard of PH adjusting products and the horror stories of them. Well fear no more. Bullseye a very cheap product that can be obtained at Wal-Mart is a wonder adjuster.

My water has been having trouble with the PH remaining stable which has killed my filter which I just put a corner filter in with some old media from another tank to restart the filter. Anyways I was having trouble keeping the KH up. So I went and tested bullseye on a test gallon and then I added it with my fish to the tank. It came out PH 7.0 and KH of 10 in the test gallon. The tank came out with PH 7.0 and a KH of 4 The KH in the tank was nothing and we only added 1 teaspoon to 1.5 gallons of water but it still is enough to work. Now for those who do not know KH is directly related to your PH. KH “Buffers” your PH if your KH drops to unsafe lower levels you can expect a PH crash at some point and then because of the PH crash your filter will die from shock and you will have an ammonia spike. !

You may even lose your fish depending on the sensativity of your fish. By adding the Bullseye it will raise your KH which increases your waters buffering capability which will make it so your PH is stable and it actually makes your PH 7.0. Before using please read ALL instructions. DO NOT USE IN HIGH ALKALINE WATER unless you have RO water if you do not know what it is do not worry about it. Find another product. For people who have acidic water this is the perfect fix for you and you should give it a whirl. It is saving loads of trouble for me.
It is very cheap at under $3 for 4 fl OZ in 2006. Prices may vary by store and will change with time.