Micropoecilia picta – The Painted Guppy

Species/genus: Micropoecilia picta

Also known as: The Painted Guppy, The Swamp Guppy

Origin: Brazil, Trinidad

Temp: 68 – 81°F (20 – 27°C)

Temperament: Usually peaceful, the males are aggressive breeders and sometimes harass the females

Adult Size: 1½ inches (4cm)

Minimum Tank Size: 5 gallons

Feeding: Most aquarium foods accepted

Breeding: Livebearer, reproduces in the same manner as Guppies, but not very prolific.

Comments: Micropoecilia picta looks a lot like a Guppy, and it is clearly closely related, but it is a distinct species. A mating between Guppies and Micropoecilia picta will not produce fry. This fish is rare in the aquarium hobby. Picta are found in slightly brackish conditions in the wild, but I have found that they do better without added salt in their water.